Arthritis, Joint Paint & Inflammation Healing Attunement Package


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Is Arthritis causing you pain, inflammation/swelling, discomfort? If so, this package will help you in care and healing of arthritis symptoms and conditions. It is also helpful to healing practitioners in treating clients with arthritis.

Arthritis, which includes over 100 diseases, results in deterioration of your joints and the connective tissues around them. It can result in loss of cartilage in the joints and inflammation of the lining of the joint. Some forms cause pain in the muscles, as well as the tissues attached to the bone and in some forms the cartilage deteriorates and the bones rub together, resulting in pain. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder in which the lining of the joint is inflamed. Some forms of arthritis involves the spine; inflammation in the bones causes them to grow together. Yet another form of arthritis causes hardening and thickening of the skin. All types of arthritis can be very painful, particularly with activity. There is often swelling of the joints as well.

This attunement package is not meant to be a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis, medication, etc, but more of a compliment to professional medical plans of treatment and prevention and should never take the place of medical or psychological care by a licensed professional.

The systems in this package amount to over £600

Manuals included with this package

  1. Amethyst Flower Essence
  2. Ayurveda Reiki 33
  3. Barberry Deva
  4. Barley Green Elixir 32
  5. Beltain Empowerment
  6. Blue Lotus Energy 1
  7. Blue Lotus Energy 2
  8. Bridgids Healing Waters
  9. Cabbalistic Emotion Yoga £55
  10. Calla Lily Devo
  11. Crystal Being Therapy
  12. Crystalline Green Ray
  13. Dandelion Attunement
  14. Deling Kuning Energy Essence £35
  15. Earthly Vibration Amplifier
  16. Enchanted Hedgerows
  17. Etheric Herbal Remedies
  18. Flower Essence Reiki
  19. Flower Essences Meditation Program
  20. Frank incense
  21. Ili-Ahi Energy Attunement £24
  22. Gedhang Rojo Legi Essence
  23. Goddess Eir Healing
  24. Golden Violet Essence
  25. Green Cocoa Essence
  26. Green Trilogy £40
  27. Gypsy Magick Reiki
  28. Hawkweed and Chicory Cold Remedy
  29. Healing Plants and Mother Earth Reiki £17
  30. Healing Sun Reiki £26


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