Reiki Grand Master 21st & 22nd Degree



Prerequisite: Reiki Grand Master 5 – 20

Reiki Grand Master 21st & 22nd Degree Empowerments {The Secret Reiki Symbols} was channeled by in 2020 by Jay Burrell.

Reiki Grand Master 21st and 22nd Degree’s were channeled as I was channeling another attunement called “Angel LightCode Healing Reiki”. I meditated to ask the Angels if these new Reiki energies were part of the Angelic system and I felt that they were being given for a new system to continue the Grand Master Degree’s so I held back on the Angel channeling and wrote the new Reiki Grand Master 21st & 22nd Degree manual. The Reiki Secret Symbols are not physically new. They are part of a set of sacred symbols that move beyond traditional Reiki by enhancing your practice with a focus on the heart, soul and emotional connection with the celestial hierarchy and galactic consciousness. These two amazing symbols came into my life several months ago and have given me new methods that I can use to channel Reiki to myself and my clients. They will also work very well when combined with the other versions of Reiki as wellThese two symbols are not taught by many spiritual schools due to them belonging to a secret non traditional teaching from Master Mikao Usui. Besides the traditional symbols that you will have already been attuned to through your existing Reiki training and the symbols within Reiki Grand Master 5-20 I want you to discover how these two new symbols can help you to channel a much higher vibrational frequency as well as reaching new levels of conscious awareness.

These two new symbols in English are: 

* The Heal the Heart & Soul Symbol

* The Connection between Emotions and Communication Symbol

These two symbols work perfectly together. One has the role of opening and cleansing the heart while the other symbol helps you to express your feelings in a peaceful way. When combined with each other, they create and maintain a harmonious relationship with your inner self, higher self and the consciousness of everyone around you. This happens when you have an open heart and a will of expressing your feelings so they can very well complement each other in their uses for energetic and spiritual alignment.


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