Ashati 2 – A Psychic & Spiritual Development Program



Prerequisite: Ashati Level 1

Ashati Level 2 

Ashati Level 2 is designed to specifically focus on the healing, connecting with and development of your higher mind. A new symbol is introduced for this purpose. The attunement to the 2nd level is very different from the Ashati 1, Reiki and most other energy initiations. Indeed, in addition to giving you access to much higher energies, it will permanently clear, increase and strengthen the connection between your lower and your higher minds. On the energy level, this is represented as a stronger link between your brow (and third eye) and solar plexus chakras. The higher energies that this attunement gives you access to will facilitate deep healing and transformation within your higher mind but also within your lower mind, your thought patterns, beliefs, manifestation power and psychic abilities. This connection between your lower and higher minds will also help you develop higher mental abilities and become more aware of your subconscious and unconscious knowledge, thoughts and beliefs. The level 2 energies and techniques are to be used in complement to the Ashati 1 energies and methods of healing which are centered on the lower mind.

Contents of Level 2 Manual

 * Structure of Ashati

 * Origins of Ashati

 * Levels of Consciousness

 * The Soul

 * Soul Chakras

 * Soul Energy Bodies

 * The Ashati 2 Energy

 * The Ashati Guides

 * Healing Techniques

 * Past Life Healing

 * Ashati 2 Symbol

 * Universal Dimensions and much more


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