One Day at a time Reiki



Living One Day at a Time seems like a very simple concept. It is a slogan we have all heard before. Yet, applying the concept of living one day at a time can certainly be challenging as we trudge the road to our happy destiny. It can seem very difficult to live life daily without thinking about tomorrow. The Ascended Master Jesus gives us this powerful and transformational Reiki healing energy so that we can receive His wise counsel which states do not worry about tomorrow; it will look after itself quite well. Ascended Master Jesus wants us to know that there is needful help in every trial that we face in this earthly life. With so many types of burdens, physical ones, mental ones, emotional ones, it seems that it can be almost impossible at times to live one day at a time, but faith allows us to face each day knowing that in truth tomorrow is in the hands of the Divine.

Therefore, the energy of this system will help us to rejoice and be glad in whatever situation we find ourselves in one day at a time. The energy will help us to live glowing through all the present hours we face and better prepare us for the coming hours. What is most important is the present? the moment we find ourselves in right now. This is the significant moment. The healing energy of this system will help us to meet every minute we experience with gladness, joyfulness, and optimistic cheer in our hearts, minds, and spirits. As we go through burdens and difficulties in this day Ascended Master Jesus assures us that the difficulties of tomorrow are diminished. We have nothing to be anxious about and in truth any anxieties we allow only makes the burden more difficult to bear and it affects our attitudes and outlooks. We are given a freedom through One Day at a Time Reiki and that is freedom from worry.


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