Wholeness: Achieving Balance and Healing for Body, Mind, and Soul



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Your body is an incredible gift, it is a temple, and sadly, most of us fail to honor it correctly. Our bodies bring us pleasure, they bring us joy, and when we don’t honor our bodies, we don’t feed our Spirit either.

Being human is a mosaic of many experiences. While some of them are beautiful and sacred, others are difficult and challenging. When you find yourself facing the often unpredictable, tumultuous pathway of life, it can be draining to your inner Self, mind and Spirit.

Learning how to take good care of yourself is important to ensure you’re properly recharging your personal batteries and able to function your best. As the ever-popular saying goes, “you cannot pour from an empty cup.” Learning how to self-nurture and heal yourself from the struggles you face every day will help you heal and “refill” your personal cup so you can perform and feel your very best – not only for the people in your life who depend on you, but also for yourself.

There are a plethora of healing practices and self-nurturing rituals you can adapt for your own needs. Because every human Being is unique, each person tends to heal and self-nurture in ways that make the most sense for them.

To begin the process of finding the right practices and rituals for your unique preferences and needs, explore the modules in this course to learn more and get started on your personal journey to heal your inner self, mind and Spirit.

Module 1


Module 2

Healing comes from within

The concept of wholeness

True health and healing start in the world within us

The world within is the world of energy, thoughts and feelings

Spiritual Intelligence

Creating the opportunity for healing

Block or interference in the nervous system

Choose the creative self-health journey

Physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual stresses

Module 3

The process of healing yourself

Healing is the process of shedding layers

Step into your power

What does becoming your own healer look like?

Learning how to nourish and honor yourself

Discovering what events in the past created a program

Building a relationship with your body

Understanding the miracles your body performs

Checking in with your body periodically

Emotional imprints stored within the body

Exercises to help you build a relationship with your body

Self-love practices that strengthen your self-healing

Surrendering to your emotions


Self-healing journal topics

When you heal yourself, you heal everyone in your proximity

Module 4

Elevating your consciousness

You receive the ability to view from a distance

Begin to flow easily with the stream of enlightened living

Health improves and happiness increases

Conflict decreases as you feel a contentment within yourself

Guided meditation

Module 5

The art of breathing

Magical, pleasurable and wonderful

The art of conscious breathing

Breathing is regenerative and restorative

Recalibrate your nervous system

Release accumulated stress, emotional tension and toxins

The complete breath

Expand your breath capacity

Breathe to purify and cleanse

Increate in your energy, clarity and peace of mind

Using healing breath to manage your energy

Module 6

Creating a home altar

The urge to create sacred spaces

The creation of your altar

Steps to create an altar

Find an ideal spot



Set your intention

Colors and their relation to your intention

Creating an altar for a particular purpose

Choose your objects

Some ideas to get you going

Invite in the elementals

Module 7


Your body and mind are connected

Affirmations allow you to reach inside

Decide what area of your life you would like to work on

The past does not control me

Stop worrying what people think

Stop self-defeating behaviors




Module 8

Meditative imagery

A wellspring of wisdom

Key to living a life of greater ease and fulfilment

Guidance from living images in the world around you

Guided imagery brings our painful thought patterns to light and guides us towards new perspectives

Cultivating an awareness that life supports you exercise

Restore mental, physical and Spiritual health

It is a loving flow within the mind and heart

Stream of infinite consciousness

Awakening to the Light

Awakening imagery

Module 9

Restoration of the Soul

Accept guidance derived from inspiration and intuition

Begin to change adversity, leading to health and healing of body, mind and Soul

Retrieval of the Soul meditation

Module 10

Spiritual alignment


Questions to consider

Suggestions to try

Irregular breathing

Questions to consider

Suggestions to try

Difficulty concentrating

Questions to consider

Suggestions to try

Sadness, depression

Questions to consider

Suggestions to try


Questions to consider

Suggestions to try

Every moment is sacred

The difference between being happy and not being happy

Module 11

Inner sanctuary

Guided meditation

Module 12


The sense of vision and hearing

View with the Spiritual senses

Mindfulness brings knowledge and insight into the light

Meditative imagery

Module 13

Feed your Spirit

Ways to find joy



Daily meditation

Self-compassion and nurturing

Extend kindness

Avoid energy thieves and time bandits

Your diet

A blessing

Rest and exercise

Relaxation and pampering

The connection


New scenery



Enjoy art

Switch it up

Pleasant aromas

It isn’t all or nothing

Live life in the present



Module 14

Asking for Divine help

We are never alone

Take note of your own beautiful Spirit

What lifts and inspires your Soul?

Ways to feed your Spirit

The Spirit world vibrates at a different level

Connect with the energy of those around you

Module 15

Sacred rituals

Ritual reconnects you with yourself

Ritual is a tangible reminder of our humanity and Divinity

What makes something sacred?

All of life is sacred

Sacred does not equal religious



Designing your personal rituals


Create sacred space

Clear the space

Smudging (optional)

Tools and symbols

Opening/entering sacred space


Embodied action

Closing gratitude/celebration

Simple rituals to find balance and ignite your passion

Balancing ritual

Clearing ritual

Releasing ritual

Reflection ritual

Elevating ritual

Module 16

Steps to wholeness

Nourish your Lightbody

Turn entropy into evolution

Commit yourself to deeper awareness

Be generous of Spirit

Focus on relationships

Relate to your body consciously

Embrace every day as a new world

Let the timeless be in charge of time

Feel the world instead of trying to understand it

Seek your own mystery

Module 17


Become more optimistic

Become more thankful

Become more energized

Find meaning in life

Become more sociable

Practicing giving

Writing gratitude

Appreciate everything

Find gratitude in your challenges

Express yourself

Spent time with loved ones

Improve your happiness in other areas of your life

Module 18

Healing mind, body and Soul


Module 19

Healing other dimensions of our Being

Listen to the songs of our rage, fear, loneliness and longing

Video:     Powerful heart chakra awakening

Module 20

Your Divine Self

The Divine Self always measures up

Our path is a vital piece of the whole

Divine Self guided meditation

Module 21

Spiritual healing

Reconnecting with our true nature

Spiritual healing offers us a chance to grow and transform in a way that no other path can

Psychologists and therapists starting to incorporate Spiritual healing into their practice

Physical healing

Emotional healing

Mental healing

Spiritual healing

Holistic healing

What is authentic Spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing guided meditation

Module 22

Access your Universal home

Learn to see life with the eyes of your Soul

Align ourselves with the synchronicity of the Universe

Soul centering process

Open to your Soul’s true longing

Soulful questions to connect with the things that have real value in your life

Express your Divinity to allow your Soul to blossom

Bring more of your Soul’s light, love and wisdom into your life

Audio      Connect with your Soul

Module 23

Principles of healing

Commit to making your health a priority

Feel your emotions

Breathe consciously

Eat healthfully and consciously

Move your body

Listen to your body

Be creative

Add more color to your life

Make gratitude your attitude

Make laughter a priority

Module 24

Heal your inner child

Laugh, play, inspire us with their creativity

They are the ones running our adult life

Inner child guided meditation script

Audio:     Inner child  guided meditation

              Connect with your inner child

Module 25

I believe in myself

If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?

You build self-confidence

You are one step closer to winning and succeeding

You inspire yourself to take action

You form positive attitudes required to succeed

You realize failure is part of the process but only temporarily

You let negative thoughts fade away

I believe in myself meditation script

Audio:     I believe in myself

              Believing in yourself

Module 26

Emotional healing

Emotional healing is possible

Take baby steps

Be patient and persistent

Set realistic expectations

View setbacks as a part of the learning process

Prioritize self-care and self-compassion

Be willing to process your feelings about the past

Ask for help

Emotional healing meditation script

Audio:     Emotional healing

              Emotional healing guided meditation

Module 27

I heal myself from within

Make your body more alkaline

Reduce inflammation

What to eat to reduce inflammation


A healthy gut

Take it one step at a time

I heal myself from within meditation script

Audio:     I heal myself from within

              Regenerative Spiritual reset

Module 28

I forgive

What is forgiveness?

What are the benefits of forgiving someone?

Why is it so easy to hold a grudge?

What are the effects of holding a grudge?

How do I reach a state of forgiveness?

What happens if I cannot forgive someone?

Does forgiveness guarantee reconciliation?

What if the person I am forgiving doesn’t change?

What if I am the one who needs forgiveness?

I forgive meditation script

Audio:     I forgive meditation

              Forgiveness meditation

Module 29

I love myself

Being gentle with ourselves

Allowing our experience to be as it is

Embracing the wisdom of not knowing

I love myself meditation script

Audio:     I love myself meditation

              Self-love meditation

Module 30

Let go of toxic relationships

What is a toxic relationship?

Don’t ignore a gut feeling

Don’t let your past cloud your judgment

Don’t place blame on yourself

Remove yourself from the relationship

Let go of toxic relationships meditation script

Audio:     Let go of toxic relationships

              Empath meditation

Module 31

Living my truth

Most of us spend our days living up to expectations and definitions

Accept who you are at this moment

Acknowledge who you are

Define your truth

Live loudly and proudly

Live my truth meditation script

Audio:     Live my truth

              Find your true Self and live authentically

Module 32

Processing pain

What makes you feel chronic pain?

Which conditions cause chronic pain?


Chronic pain and your mental health

The pain pathway

Other influences on pain

The impact of pain

Opening and closing the pain gates

Sensory factors

Cognitive factors

Emotional factors

Processing pain meditation script

Audio:     Processing pain

              Activating your inner healer

Module 33

Release negative self-image

Your self-image is not necessarily based on reality

The value of a healthy self-image

The forces influencing your self-image

Internal sources

External sources

Signs that you have an unhealthy self-image

Release negative self-image meditation script

Audio:     Release negative self-image

Module 34


Getting to know yourself

Decide what you believe about yourself

Speak positively about yourself

Be honorable in your relationship with yourself

Trust yourself

Be proud of who you are

Make choices that celebrate who you are

Make decisions that are in alignment with what you believe

Treat yourself in a special manner

Check in with yourself daily

Nurture your relationship

Self-acceptance meditation script

Audio:     Self-acceptance

Module 35


Self-kindness v Self-judgment

Common humanity v isolation

Mindfulness v over-identification

Taking a balanced approach to our negative emotions

Self-compassion is not self-pity

Self-compassion is not self-indulgence

Self-compassion is not self-esteem

Self-compassion is not based on self-evaluation

Self-compassion meditation script

Audio:     Self-compassion


Module 36

Stop self-defeating behaviors

Imagine who you would be without your fear and doubt

Stop confusing honesty with truth

Do good even if you don’t feel great

Replace I cannot with I will not

Replace I have to with I get to

Remember you are spotlighting yourself

Work from the outside in

Stop self-defeating behaviors meditation script

Audio:     Stop self-defeating behaviors


Module 37

The past does not control me

Might you be living in the past without knowing it?

Mistakes driven by impulse

Bringing your self-image up to date

Your adult self is more than eager to take over the reins of your life

Audio: The past does not control me

Module 38

760 Affirmations – Resolve your personal issues, pain and inner turmoil


Advanced Healing Lightwork Value $25 / R395


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