Energy Vampire Protection Maintenance Attunement


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The Energy Vampire Protection Maintenance Attunement was channeled in 2018 by Craig MacLennan.

The Energy Vampire Protection Maintenance Attunement aims to Protect you from Energetic Vampires by raising your Vibration, Increasing Personal Power and removing Energies, Attachments or Psychic Implants that work to rob you of your Energy, Vitality and Well-being. The Energy Vampire Protection Maintenance works to protect you from anyone or anything that may be taking your Energy in the following ways:

Raise your Vibration

Your vibration is increased as this helps to Align your Chakras, Cut Etheric Cords, Reduce Fear and Boosts Vitality which is important for long term Protection from Energy Vampirism.

Boost Personal Power, Inner Strength and Self Confidence

This Attunement works to Clear any Negative Energies, Thought Patterns, Beliefs, Behaviors and Fears within you resulting in an increase in Self-Esteem and Self Confidence making you less vulnerable to anyone or anything taking or affecting your Energy Body.

Energetically Remove Imprints, Entities and Attachments

This function works to cut any connections with the source of your Energetic Drain. Simply put, it stops the Psychic Vampire in their Tracks.

Strengthen your Energy Body

Strengthening your Energy Body and Auric Field is beneficial to ensure you are Protected which makes it much more difficult for your Energies to be Compromised, Taken or Given Away.



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