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The lush, green lands of the Celts are alive with the healing energies of the ancestors, ancient gods and goddesses and the Bards, Druids and Faeries of Celtic history and lore.

They call to us – no matter our native land – drawing us to the wisdom of the early shamans and the transformative practices of indigenous cultures.

These energies, the stories of these lands and the practices inspired by Celtic shamanism – steeped in gratitude, generosity, courage and wonder – offer us a medicine to bring us back home, to our true Self.

They help us reach beyond the mundane and overwhelm of our stressful modern lives and be more attentive, present and receptive to the beauty and wisdom of the land.

Celtic shamanism invites us to open to the world and our lives with awe and wonder at its great mysteries – both the light and the dark. Its wisdom guides us in seeing and honoring the sacred in all things, including ourselves.

The myths, archetypes and practices unique to this ancient tradition remind us of the courage needed to explore all that is before us – the earth and all its beauty and “rough places”, the Otherworld and its inhabitants.

When we learn to approach our lives with less fear and more curiosity and gratitude, we can slow down enough to open to the wisdom all around us, including our own inner wisdom, our Soul and its true desires.

In the modern world, we have lost this deep poetic passion, this connecting thread. Our link with myth and nature’s preserving shrine has been shattered; our lives follow the rapid rhythm of machines instead of liquid bird song or the blowing of wind through scented trees. Still, some people attempt to break free from the tyranny of scientific materialism that dis-spirits and de-sacralizes the natural world.

Celtic shamanism has rites to celebrate the turning of the seasons, rituals for marking the passages of human life and celebrations of the waxing and waning of the moon. We seek to reconnect with the rhythms of our ancestors, to touch and share their experience of the sacred through acknowledging the movement of time in its cycles. In small individual acts of courage, we attempt to re-weave the fabric of our poetic connections with nature.

Can it be said that we are all Celts? Certainly, Western civilization owes as much, if not more, to our Celtic heritage as to Greek and Roman influences.

The time has come for Celtic shamanism to quietly return to the Earth, to take its place among the Spiritual practices that help humans lead fuller, more beneficial lives. No one can find the Light for you; each of us can only point the way for others. Everyone’s experiences will be different. Over a period of time, you will find your own explorations into the Otherworld’s changing, expanding, becoming more detailed and richer as you practice this type of shamanism.

During this course we connect with each of the eight Celtic festivals.

Working with the seasons and celebrating these holidays can help you create rhythm and flow in your life.

These festivals are the perfect checkpoints throughout the year to honor your need for action, celebration, gratitude and rest.

It is my sincere hope that you will immerse yourself fully in these ancient teachings and traditions, drawing inspiration from them, coming back to a knowingness of things past.

Don’t try to memorize anything. As a shaman, you are only trying to get an over-all picture so you will know what to look for on a journey.

Module 1


Ancient wisdom

Direct connection to the Divine

Reconnect with the rhythms of our ancestors

Module 2

Who were the Celts?

Celtic mythology

Celtic origins

Before the Celts – The cosmic people

A brief history

Celtic society

Ancient Celtic Village of Chysauster

Explore the houses

The Fogou

Videos               The Celts

Module 3

Something immensely sacred

Web of power

Communication with Spirit that empowers shamans

A stream that runs from the past, through the present and into the future

The grounded/expanded Self – Meditation

Module 4

Celtic shamanism

A practical path that enriches us

The Celtic shamanic approach

Animism – Reclaiming a relationship and dialogue with the earth

Celtic Shaman’s view of the Universe

Abred – The Middleworld

Gwynfyd – The Upperworld

Annwn – The Lowerworld

The seven rivers of life

The Grove of Knowledge (Caer Gwydion) meditation

Guardians of the Grove

Nine different types of shamans

Touch the earth

Module 5

The Druids

Modern Druids

The land beneath the mist

Druid medicine wheel

Folk Druidry

The seven gifts of Druidry

Druidic ethics

Universal Druid prayer

Celtic virtues

Three primary elements of Druidry

Video:       The Druids

Module 6

The telling of sacred stories

Celtic myth

The seanchaí (lore keepers)

The Mabinogi

Transmission of the Celtic myths

The surviving Celtic myths


Module 7

The Tuatha Dé Danann

The goddess Danu

Their arrival in Ireland

The ancient land of Tir na nOg

The Dagda


The four treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann as symbols to guide you in healing and empowerment

Sword of Nuada

Spear of Lugh

Dagda’s Cauldron

The Lia Fáil (The Stone of Destiny)

Make the myths meaningful to you

Video:                       Tuatha Dé Danann

Module 8

Celtic gods and goddesses

Audio:                       Goddess Dany transmission

Brighid’s Flame

Module 9

Triple goddess

A deeper reality just beyond our physical reality

Three as a sacred number

Module 10

Celtic symbols and their meanings

A way to focus, engaging your heart and your mind

The Celtic Tree of Life

The Celtic Cross

The Dara Knot

The Ailm

The Triquetra

The Triskelion

Serch Bythol

The Celtic Motherhood Knot

Brigid’s Knot

Video:       How to make your own Brigid’s Knot

Awen – Symbol of inspiration

Celtic Shield

Taranis Wheel

Double Spiral

How would I use a Celtic symbol in Celtic shamanism?

Module 11

Stone circles and alignment

Spiritually significant places

Long barrows


Entering the womb meditation




Grianán of Aileach (Temple of the Sun)

Bryn Celli Ddu

The Inner Monolith

The Outer Monolith

Dromberg stone circle

Ballynoe stone circle

Audio:                       Guided meditation Avalon, Glastonbury

Drumming at Newgrange

Stonehenge meditation

Module 12

Springs and healing wells

A symbol of life and source of wisdom

Aquae Sulis: The springs at Bath

Dressing the Wells

Cloughtie Wells

Brighid’s Well

Chalice Well

Vesica Pisces

Meditation:                Delving into the depths of the Well

Attunement:              Brighid’s Healing Waters

Module 13

Relationship to the land

The primary source of power and relationship

Exercise: Seeing the energy and Spirit presences of a landscape

Guardian Spirits

Exercise: Meeting the Guardian Spirit

Guided land meditation

Module 14

The Sacred Grove

Nemeton: The Sacred Grove in antiquity

Into the forest

Exercise: Learning the land

Exercise: Aligning with an individual tree

Seership (Spirit vision)

The enchanted forest meditation

Audio:                       Journey into the forest

Module 15

Nine sacred woods of the bonfire and their attributes


Lessons of the Oak


Lessons of the Ash


Lessons of the Thorn


Lessons of the Yew


Lessons of Hazel


Lessons of Willow


Lessons of Birth


Lessons of Elm


Lessons of Alder

Fire ceremony and ritual

Module 16

Sacred alphabet – The tree Ogham We use the tree ogham to do Divination in Celtic Shamanism Level 2)

Celtic Ogham symbol meanings

The First Aicme


Luis or Lus

Fearn or Fern

Saille or Sail

Nion or Nin

The Second Aicme


Duir or Dair




The Third Aicme






The Fourth Aicme

Ailim or Ailm







Oir (Spindle)

Uillean (Honeysuckle)

Ifin (Beech)

Mor (The sea)

Module 17

Celtic Sacred Calendar (The Wheel of the Year)

Wisdom from the Wheel of the Year

Fire festivals

The sacred days as seasons

Connection to land

The eight sacred festivals

How to use the Wheel of the Year in your own life

Module 17.1

Samhain (Halloween)

Samhain correspondences

Meditation: Phoenix rising

Remembering the dead ritual

Audio:                       Samhain, ancestral healing

Module 17.2

Yule (Winter Solstice)

Yule correspondences

Yule altar

Yule cleansing ritual

Meditation: Of stars and snow

Spiced hot chocolate

Hot spiced Wassail (Non-alcoholic)

Count your blessings

Audio:                       Yule meditation

Module 17.3

Imbolc (Candlemas)

Imbolc correspondences

Cleansing and purification bath

Herbs for cleansing and purification

Imbolc candle ritual

End of winter meditation

Shadow work

Making lanterns with intentions

Tune into the energy of Imbolc

Audio:                       Imbolc meditation

Video:                       Imbolc

Module 17.4

Ostara (Spring equinox)

Ostara correspondences

Ostara altar

Ostara candles and incense

Ostara tea

More ways to honor Ostara

Video:                       Ostara and the white hare

Ostara reflections

Natural egg dyes

Video:                       How to dye eggs

Ostara meditation

Earth meditation

Audio:                       Ostara meditation

Module 17.5


Beltane correspondences

Beltane altar

Beltane candles and incense

More ways to honor Beltane

Beltane reflections

Meditate on the forces of life and Spring

Spend time in nature

Create a flower and crystal mandala grid

Video:                       How to make a nature mandala

Beltane Faery meditation

Audio:                       Beltane meditation

Module 17.6

Litha (Summer solstice)

Litha correspondences

Litha altar

Litha candles and incense

More ways to honor Litha

Litha reflections

Summer solstice ritual bath with flowers

Summer solstice manifestation ritual

Summer solstice sun tea

Sun alchemy

How to make solarized water

Sun mandala

Fire ritual

Midsummer prayers

Module 17.7

Lughnasadh (Lammas)

Lammas correspondences

Lammas altar

Video:                       How to make a corn dolly

Lammas candles and incense

More ways to honor Lammas

Lammas reflections

Lammas journal prompt ideas

Honoring the past

Audio:                       Lughnasadh

Module 17.8

Mabon (Autumn equinox)

Mabon correspondences

Mabon altar

More ways to honor Mabon

Mabon reflections

Into the shadows

Shadow meditation

Continuing the cycle

The give-away

Module 18

Celtic tree calendar

Birch (Beth)

Rowan (Luis)

Ash (Nion)

Alder (Fearn)

Willow (Saille)

Hawthorne (Huathe)

Oak (Duir)

Holly (Tinne)

Hazel (Coll)

Vine (Muin)

Ivy (Gort)

Reed (Ngetal)

Elder (Ruis)

Module 19

Sacred space

Opening/casting and closing a circle

Call the directions

Call on ancestors and guides

Defining the circle in Celtic shamanism

Altered states of consciousness


Sacred space


Power concentrator

Space between worlds

Omnipresent now

Akashic egg

Extension of personal aura

Crucible of change

Module 20

Grounding and centering

Grounding visualization

A centering meditation

Module 21

Celtic Tree of Life (Crann Bethadh)

Upperworld (Gwynfyd)

Middleworld (Abred)

Lowerworld (Annwn)

Connecting with the Tree of Life within meditation

Module 22

Shamanic doorways


Why create journey gateways?

Audio:                       Opening a door to the Spirit world

Module 23

Shamanic visioning

Garden of images

Deep level hypnotic imaging exercise

Module 24

Celtic Otherworld

The three realms

Three cauldrons (energy vortexes)

The Cauldron of Warming (Crown, base)

The Cauldron of Vocation (Heart, solar plexus)

The Cauldron of Wisdom (Throat, sacral)

The Celtic Otherworldly paradise

The World of the Sky (Upperworld)

The Earth World (Middleworld)

The Land under the Sea (Underworld)

Glimpsing the Otherworld

Module 25

Spirit songs

Sacred sound


Exercise: Spirit songs

Module 26


Building your altar

Objects on your altar

Offerings on your altar

Altar cloth

Meaning of different color altar cloths

Flowers, fruit and grains


Other offerings


Different altars

Module 27

Connecting with nature

Change your mindset

Cloud and star gazing

Go barefoot

Sun and moon gazing

Listen to your body

The trees

The flowing stream of water

The birds

The mountains

The flying geese

Get friendly with the elements

How to communicate and commune with trees

Tell your tree story

Audio:                       Lessons from nature

Module 28

Protection and cleansing

What is negative energy?

Process for clearing, cleansing and setting protection

Energy cleanse ritual


Types of smudge sticks

Smudging yourself

Using smudging for space clearing

Making your own smudge sticks

Making a sacred smudge bowl

Smokeless smudge (Florida water)

Florida water diffuser blend

Audio:                       Cleanse, clear and align your energy

Module 29

Celtic tree astrology

Your Celtic tree astrology signs and meanings


Module 30

Celtic animal symbols

Meaning of animal symbols in relation to the trees of the ogham

Eagle / Birch

Quail / Rowan

Fox / Alder

Deer / Willow

Butterfly / Ash

Owl / Hawthorn

Horse / Oak

Badger / Holly

Salmon / Hazel

Wren / Apple

Swan / Vine

Swallow / Ivy

Goose / Reed

Bee / Blackthorn

Crow / Elder

Sparrow / Fir

Rabbit / Gorse

Pheasant / Heather

Dove / Aspen

How to create your own oracle cards

Module 31

Celtic animal signs and the Lunar Zodiac













Keywords, element, plant, legend and meaning in Celtic Astrology for each one

Module 32

Celtic cauldrons

Everyday cauldrons

The cauldron of Cerridwen

The Dagda’s cauldron of Plenty

The pair dadeni

The cauldron of Dyrnwch

The cauldron of Diwrnach

The Gundestrup cauldron

The importance of cauldrons

Module 33

Lessons from nature


Strength in adversity


Storing inner strength



Connecting your body to nature

Change your mindset

Cloud and star gaze

Go barefoot

Sun and moon gazing

Listen to your body

The trees

The flowing stream of water

The birds

The mountains

Get friendly with the elements

How to communicate with trees

Tell your tree story

Audio:                               Lessons from nature

Module 34

Your inner sanctuary

The four aspects of your inner sanctuary

Why is it important to create an inner sanctuary?

Getting started

The meditation

Audio:               Inner sanctuary

Module 35

Ritual and ceremony

The elements of ceremony





Module 36


Transmutation breathing

Why do we need to learn how to breathe?

How to do transmutation breathing

Additional breathing exercise and techniques

Counting the breath

Four directions breathing

Earth breath – Magnetizes and grounds

Water breath – Releases feelings – letting go

Fire breath – Energizing and lifts us out of depression

Air breath – For clearing out cobwebs in the mind

Three stage deep breathing

Alternate nostril breathing

Using healing breath with clients

Module 37

The art of shapeshifting

Animal Spirits as a catalyst for shapeshifting

Module 38

Spirit Guides and your own Spirit

What feeds your Spirit?

Ways to feed your Spirit

The Spirit World

Different types of Spirit Guides

Module 39



Brigid’s Healing Waters (Value $14 / R140)


Prerequisite: None

The Distant Attunement to Brighid’s Healing Waters has been channeled to connect you to Spirit, the Goddess Brighid and the Waters of Brighid’s Sacred Well for Healing and Empowerment. Brighid’s Healing Waters are believed to be Sacred and are known to possess great Healing Energies. This Attunement will work to enhance your Healing Abilities while at the same time helping you to heal yourself and others, as well as working to heal Plants, Animals and Mother Earth. You will learn how to Empower Water to use in your Healing Sessions as well as Manifestations and Protection Rituals. The Energies are quite intense and will fill you with a sense of pure Love and Compassion.

Celtic Oak Empowerment (Value $20 / R200)


Prerequisite: None

The Celtic Oak Empowerment has been channeled to help you connect with the Ancient, Magical Energies of the Oak Tree and the Ancient Earth of Celtic Traditions assisting you to find your Inner Strength and Power to open yourself to Ancient Wisdom and Knowledge to find the answers to the questions that you have deep within you. The Oak is considered to be a Masculine energy which represents the Supreme Strength and Power of Nature. The Oak was honored for its many qualities such as Strength, Wisdom, Power, Nobility, Truth, Courage, Beauty, Longevity, Endurance, Power and much more. These are the same qualities that the Celtic Oak Empowerment will give to you as you with the energies.

The Celtic Oak Empowerment will connect you to the Ancient Celtic Energies and Power of the Oak while helping you in the following areas of your life.

* Bringing Strength in times of Struggle

* Embracing your Divine Masculine energies.

* Knowledge and Wisdom

* Connections to Powerful Nature Energies.

* Stability & Protection.

* Endurance & Resilience.

* Inner Strength & Courage.

* Overcoming Problems.

* Self Confidence.

* Balance

Crone Wisdom of Goddess Morrigan Empowerment (Value $14 / R140)

The Goddess Morrigan in her Crone Goddess phase brings wisdom of ritual, ancient power and psychic knowledge of future events. Morrigan is well known for predicting the outcome of war and death. However, as a seer, she also predicts the outcome of your struggles, new beginning born of death (letting go of something), and changes in your life.

The Crone Wisdom of Goddess Morrigan Empowerment attunes you to the Goddess Morrigan in her Crone phase and to the creative source in a way that brings wisdom and empowerment. Once attuned to the energies, you will be able to connect quickly with the Crone Goddess Morrigan for guidance and wisdom.

Beltane Empowerment (Value $16 / R235)

Channeled by Sinead Walkinshaw

With your purchase you will receive the manual, distant attunement and a certificate.

Beltane is the third of the four Celtic Fire Festivals-first being Samhain, Imbolg, Beltane finishing with Lughnasadh.

Beltane falls on May 1st with the evening of the 30th of April known as Beltane eve. It is an ancient fertility festival associated with the Celtic God Bel (Belenus, or Balor) who is a God of light, fire and the Sun.

Flowers, flower wreaths and garlands are typical decorations for this holiday, as well as ribbons and streamers. Flowers are a crucial symbol of Beltane; they signal the victory of Summer over Winter and the blossoming of sensuality in all of nature and the bounty it will bring.


Activities and Rituals: fertilize, nurture and boost existing goals, games, activities of pleasure, leaping bonfires, making garlands, May Pole dance, planting seeds, weaving, walking one’s property, feasting

Colors: Red, White, Brown, Pink, Green

Tools: Broom, May Pole, cauldron

Stones/Gems: Emerald, malachite, amber, orange carnelian, sapphire, rose quartz, sapphires, bloodstone

Symbols & Decorations: May Pole, fires, fertility, flowers, growing things, ploughs, cauldrons of flowers

Foods: Dairy, bread, cereals

Flowers and Herbs: Lily of the valley, Foxglove, Rose, Broom, Hawthorne, Dittany of Crete, Elder, Mint, Mugwort, Thyme, Yarrow, Almond tree/shrub, Clover, Ivy, Marigold, Meadowsweet, Rowan, Sorrel, Woodruff, Primrose, Birch, Rosemary, Lilac, Ivy, Bluebells, Daisies and Woodruff

Animals: Swallow, dove, swan, cats, lynx, leopard, goats, cattle, rabbits, bees

Gods / Goddesses: Aphrodite, Artemis, Diana, Venus, Rhiannon, Bes, Flora, Hera, Sheela-na Gig, Xochiquetzal

Apollo, Bacchus, Belanos, Pan, Herne, Eros, Greenman, Horned One, Kokopelli, Priapus

Faery Tree Spirit Energies (Value $21 / R294)


With this lovely system, you will go to a beautiful Faery Tree Grove, to the Faery Tree Guardian to receive the tree elixirs of sixteen different Faery trees.  Once you receive these elixirs, you will then be able to call on each of the tree’s attributes and work with them in your life, in your meditations, and when working with the Faeries. The manual contains information on each of the sixteen sacred Faery Trees, some Faery Folklore, the tree attributes, the attunement process and the Tree Spirit Affirmation Rhyme that seals the energies within you.

The trees you will be attuned to are:

The Wood of the Rowan

The Wood of the Beech

The Wood of the Willow

The Wood of the Birch

The Wood of the Elm

The Wood of the Apple

The Wood of the Alder

The Wood of the Hazel

The Wood of the Yew

The Wood of the Oak

The Wood of the Ash

The Wood of the Hawthorn

The Wood of the Elder

The Wood of the Blackthorn

The Wood of the Cedar

The Wood of the Spruce

Once you have been attuned to this system, you will be able to use this energy for yourself and others. You will also be able to pass this attunement on to others.

LW Sacred Locations

LW Dynamic Sacred Space (Value $25 / R352)

LW Cerridwen Empowerment (Value $17 / R235)

Stonehenge Energies attunement (Value $21/R294)


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