Finding the Shaman Within



Channeled and written by Emma Bisschoff

Many people in today’s world are being called by Spirit to become Shamans. A yearning exists deep within many of us to reconnect to the natural world. It is a call to a life lived in balance with awareness of nature, of Spirit and of Self. We live in a culture that has severed itself from nature and Spirit. Humans have lost touch with the Spirit world and the wisdom of inner knowing. The Spirits, however, have not forgotten us. They are calling us to a path of environmental sanity, to rejoining the miraculous cycle of nature.

If in your life you have ever sensed a different order of reality, heard whispers from the Otherworld, seen things that others couldn’t or had a sixth sense about things that people around you might have thought strange, unusual or uncommon, it is probably an indicator that the Spirits have a calling for you too.

Listen to it, explore it and find out more so that the whisper does not become a roar. This is good advice too for clients who are struggling with emotional or even physical problems: that their circumstances could be a message that they should listen to because it may be a call for them to open up to the Spiritual world and find their healing in that way.

Walking the Shamanic path

The world of the Shaman is constantly moving. Everything in the Shaman’s world has its own special vibration, unique energy and power. The quest of the Shaman is to achieve attunement with these vibrations and familiarity with Spirit. To accomplish this is to attain power. Still, the Shaman knows that this cannot be pursued, only received. Power is a gift. That is the first wisdom of Shamanism.

The Shaman taps directly into the purest forms of nature’s energy. The Shaman deals with the elemental forces of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. All of the energies of all the worlds spin like wheels on the Shaman’s path. The Upper World of the sky journeys, the Lower World of the earth journeys and the Middle World of humankind all connect on the path of the Shaman.

From the perspective of the Shaman, we are all interconnected and a part of nature.



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