Total Access



Receive all courses, attunement packages and single attunements listed on our website (as at the date of your registration) – that means EVERYTHING on our site up to the date you enrol!!  With this option, you have unlimited time to complete your courses.  Screenshots will be taken and sent to you to show the courses you will receive -this excludes all new courses that are uploaded after your date of enrolment.

Once you have completed 15 courses (including at least 3 practitioner courses, excluding attunements) you will receive a Master’s Degree certificate.  You can also upgrade to a Doctorate for £144, which requires a dissertation (essay / paper).

The products on our website are valued in excess of £100 000 as at 1 October 2021

Payment terms are available on this product, up to a maximum of 10 months.

As we put new products on the site, the price of the Total Access goes up accordingly by 10% of the value of the new products.



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