Awakening the Shaman Within: An Introductory Course to Spiritual Transformation



It has been a a yearning within me for a long time to put together an affordable shamanic course, one where you are not bound into a time-frame, one where you can study in your own time and at your own pace – one where you are exposed to many of the techniques which are kept secret – which is something I have never understood – to me everything we have has been given to us from the Divine, our gifts to share with the world ~ Emma ~

The power to do shamanic work is both within you and outside you and is readily accessible for channeling through you. Your inner resources include the creative power of thought and imagination, and the driving force of your spirit energy. They provide vitality, strength and determination, a supply of individual potentials which, however dormant or neglected, can be awakened and your own well of wisdom from which to obtain direction and inspiration. These inner resources constitute your power.

Through an understanding of shamanism you can:

  • Comprehend forces and energies that exist beyond the range of the physical senses and learn to work with them.
  • Free yourself from unwanted restrictions and limitations.
  • Release yourself from the illusions of false beliefs which can inhibit and enslave you.
  • Discover personal gateways to greater power and mastery over your life.
  • Learn to cope with difficulties in your life which are hindering your progress, and avoid obstacles which might be hard to overcome.
  • Develop an inner hearing so that you can listen to the voices of Nature.
  • Discover your hidden potentials and develop your creativity.
  • Come into harmony with the Earth and with Earth energies and align with the Cosmic forces of the Universe.
  • Activate your imagination and bring your dreams and aspirations into practical reality.

Module 1


Module 2

What is Shamanism?

Core Shamanism

Concepts of Core Shamanism

Some of the things Shamans may do

Shamans call on the forces of nature

The Good Red Road

Module 3

Walking the Shamanic path

We are all interconnected

We all have an inner Shaman

Module 4

Shamans across the world

Shaman names

Shamanism in Peru

Shamanism in Korea

Shamanism in Thailand

Shamanism in Tibet

Shamanism in Japan

Shamanism in Eastern Siberia, Alaska and Northern Canada (Eskimos)

Shamanism in Malaysia

Shamanism in the Philippines

Shamanism in Mexico

Huichol humor

Fountain of youth

Higher Consciousness

Glossary of Huichol names

Module 5

Finding the Shaman within

How do people become Shamans?

Open up to the Spirit world

Module 6

Becoming a hollow bone

True wisdom for our time

Being open to the flow of energy

A tool that will transform you

Resistance will dissolve automatically

Module 7

The Web of Power

Unique Spirit body

Shamanic presence

Fire as a powerful ally

Use of certain images

Module 8

Levels of perception (Psychic engagement)

Level 1 – The literal

Level 2 – The symbolic

Level 3 – The Mythical / Archetypal

Experiencing connection with Amaru

Module 9


Breathing is the language of the Soul

Breathwork awakens pure life-force energy

Rhythmic breathing

Ancient deep breathing technique

Wave breath

Kawsay energy breath

Sami energy breath

Four directions breathing

Earth breath: Magnetizes and grounds

Water breath: Releases feelings and letting go

Fire breath: Energizing, lifts us out of depression

Air breath: Clearing out the cobwebs of the mind

Explanation of Sami

Explanation of Kawsay

Module 10


What is negative energy?

Process for clearing, cleansing and setting protection

Crystals as protection

Which are the best stones for protection?

Cleaning and clearing crystals

How to program your crystals

How to safely store your crystals

Video:       Spiritual protection

Module 11

The four elements and directions

The elements of Air, Earth, Fire, Water

The four directions

Working with the four elements in your own life

Power objects and the elements

Module 12

Sacred herbs and smudging

Smudging four directions

Things to avoid

Tips while performing ritual

Focus on your intention

Smudging yourself

During healing work

Smudging a room or space

How to do an energetic space clearing

Cleansing objects

Instructions on how to make your own smudge sticks

What plants are available to use?

Video:       Smudging ceremony

Module 13

Shamanic archetypes

Archetypes are organizing principles of the Universe

Framework for accessing energy and support




Condor or Eagle




Module 14

Ritual and ceremony

The elements of ceremony





Module 15

The World Tree in Shamanism

Upper world

Middle world

Lower world

Finding your own World Tree

World Tree meditation

Module 16

The importance of visualization in Shamanism

Shamanic visualization

Shamanic cave visualization

Guidelines for exploring

Candle visualization

Five senses visualization

Advanced visualization

I cannot visualize – Can I still journey?


Module 17

Spirit Allies

Types of Spirit Guides

Master Teachers

Physical Doctor

Teacher Doctor



Message bearers

Door and Gate keepers

Other Guides

Inner and outer bands

Contacting our Spirit Guides

Set the mood

Craft a clear intention

Practice with loving patience

Relax and breather

Call in protection

Sacred sounds

Go through the “door”

Invite in your Spirit Guides

Open yourself to subtle frequencies

Ask for a sign

Ask for a message or a blessing

Give thanks


Meditation to meet your Spirit Guide


Step-by-step instructions to connect to your Spirit Guide

Audio:       Meet your Spirit Guide

Module 18

Nature as our teacher

Working with stones

Connect with one of the Stone People

Grounding with nature

Exercise: Communing with nature

Module 19

Grounding and centering

Grounding visualization

Centering meditation

Module 20

Power objects

Peruvian medicine wheel

Power object ceremony

Module 21

Sacred fire ceremony (Despacho)

Coco leaves or bay leaves

Ritual for setting new intentions and shedding old ways

Step-by-step instructions

The importance of ritual

Module 22

Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds

Upper world

Middle world

Lower world

Shamanic levels of consciousness

Module 23

Shamanic drumming

What is Shamanic drumming?

Care for and feeding your drum

Module 24

Shamanism and sound


Power songs

Finding your Power song

Module 25

Sacred reciprocity (Ayni)

Just like tending a garden

Performing earth honoring ceremonies

Module 26

The Shamanic journey

Achieving a Shamanic state of consciousness

Exercise 1: Simple imagining

It is not always visual

Exercise 2: Detailed imagination

Some things to notice

Module 27

13th Rite of the Munay-ki: Rite of the Womb

Instructions on how to receive the Rite

Instructions on how to pass on the Rite

How to arrange your attunement

Module 28

The Spiral of Creation

Module 29

Quecha terminology

Module 30

What Shamanism has done for me


Attunements can be passed on and charged for once you have been attuned. There is no extra charge for these attunements, they form part of the course.

Activation of the Labyrinth

by Lisa “Ladywolf” Center

Activation Of The Labyrinth will help you with what you need on your journey at this time. Follow the labyrinth with your finger or a pointer and think about releasing as you go into the spiral, remember to give thanks for what you receive when you are in the center and emerge with innovative answers and vision of pathways you had not seen before.

Pay close attention to events following this activation. You may find yourself in a place you never thought of for you before. You will also understand that sometimes we may know what we want but the Universe/Mother/Father God will provide what we need.  Some say if you dance the Labyrinth…you will activate your own magical powers.

Activation of the Shaman

The energies of this attunement connect you to the Shaman within. It activates
the inner discovery, wisdom, and spirit for empowerment and healing. The Shaman is a lifetime student, always learning, growing, and gaining wisdom. Wise in the ways of spirit communications and healing, the Shaman within you can guide you on your spiritual journey in this world.

Machu Picchu

by Ole Gabrielsen

Power Spot Attunements are attunements to the energies of specific power spots. These energies may be used as you would use Reiki for healing, or they may be used to create tools that function as “mini power spots”

A “mini power spot” tool functions as an “All Round Tachyon Antenna” enabling us at any time to benefit from the power spot’s energies.

Magickal Shaman Lightworker Program Value £20.00

The Magickal Shaman LightWorker Program teaches the essence of Shamanism in three levels:

Level 1: Initiate – explains the basics of what it means to practice Shamanism. The Level 1 attunement connects you to the energies of Mother Earth and to the energies of Spirit in a way that will help you grow and learn to expand your horizons. You will learn how to take a spirit journey, how to look within to find out who you truly are and what your path will be, rights of passage, magickal names and more.

Level 2: Intermediate – strengthens your connection to Mother Earth and to Spirit and offers a shield of protection as it helps you identify and clear negativity and unwanted energies, bringing in great healing. You will learn about attachments, soul retrieval, reclaiming your power and more.

Level 3: Master – allows you to pass the attunements to others and continues to strengthen your connection to Mother Earth and Spirit. It helps to open your third eye and crown to enhance your psychic abilities. The 2nd chakra will also be strengthened. You will learn about meditation, herbs, stones, healing, visions, imprinting, enhancing intuition and instincts, living in harmony, nature magic and more.

Once you have been attuned to this system, you will be able to use these energies for healing yourself and others.  You will also be able to pass these attunements on to others.

You will receive: 1 e-mailed manual (27 pages), 3 distance attunements, an e-mailed certificate

The approximate length of each attunement is: 15-20 minutes. It is advisable to leave around 2-3 days in between each attunement to let yourself get used to the energies.

Prerequisites: None



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