Mystery Mastery Healing System 1 – 8



Pre-requisite: Reiki Master Degree. This is a Oneness-based advanced energy healing and awakening. It teaches you how to work from an embodiment of your Infinite nature, utilize that which is unknown and unknowable, and go into states of consciousness that transcend limitations, opening your healing channel to easier and deeper results and more possibilities.

Here are just a few things that make this system so unique:

An instructional format that enables you to directly experience the course materials in addition to understanding them intellectually

Emphasis on advanced states of consciousness such as non-resistance, meaninglessness and soft focusing to open your healing channel, move beyond beliefs that limit your healing, create deeper results for you and your clients, increase intuition, and more

Working from an embodiment of your infinite nature, where you have all of creation backing you up

Accessing all this is known, unknown and unknowable, without having to intellectually understand any of it

Taking advantage of chaos to easily break way from what does not work, and help your clients do the same

Opening your healing channel to a constantly growing palate of high vibration energies for yourself, and offer them hands on or distance to your clients

Using subtle energy to transform fear into joy, pain into comfort, and any other emotion or thought into something more desirable

A powerful subtle energy technique to embody affirmations, making them more powerful and easier to manifest

The Mystery Mastery Healing System is infinite. It includes all energies and all possibilities. There is a lot to explore; its uses are only limited by your thinking, and as you evolve you will still find new uses for it.

Many techniques will probably be new, even to the most experienced healers

Level 1 of the Mystery Mastery Healing Session reframes healing in the larger context of infinity. You will learn powerful states of being to let go of limiting identifications, and open yourself (and your clients) to deeper healing than you imagined possible. These are the states of being from which “miracles” happen. Level 1 also helps you identify limiting thinking, common blind spots that hinder healing. Once you recognize these in yourself, you free your mind and your healing will follow.

Mastery of the skills in level 1 will open the doors to all kinds of delightful possibilities for in person and distance healing in level 2, which you will then take “quantum” in level 3 as you learn to work in infinite depth and breadth. Level 3 will also teach you how to teach and attune others to the Mystery Mastery Healing System. After completion of level 3, you will be able to continue your development via ongoing attunements and new tips and techniques.

The Mystery Mastery Healing System is infinite. It includes all energies and all possibilities. There is a lot to explore; its uses are only limited by your thinking, and as you evolve you will still find new uses for it.  

To use the Mystery Mastery Healing System, you will need a basic understanding of energy healing and experience offering sessions and instruction. Since Reiki already teaches that very well, Usui Reiki Mastership is a prerequisite for the Mystery Mastery Healing System.

Once you have completed Level 3 you will be able to attune others to Levels 1 – 3.

For Graduates of the Mystery Mastery Levels 1-3, Levels 4-6 take you deeper into your everyday mastery and abilities as a healer and awakening facilitator.

Level 4

Builds on the non-resistance technique. You will learn new ways to use it to become more aware of how the body and especially the mind releases its grip and opens to infinity, and the reverse process of falling into limiting perceiving, thinking and body tension. With this awareness you can recognize when you move into limitation and more easily shift back to living in infinite empowerment.

This new use of non-resistance will also enable you to find and use the right level of physical and/or mental non-resistance for whatever task is at hand Your needs when writing a paper are different from your needs while going for a run, opening to intuition or falling asleep.

In level 4, you’ll be introduced to a technique for pain release which is great for headache relief, grounding, relieving “restless legs,” helping with kundalini blockages, and bringing in new energies. You will also learn a technique for renewing and regenerating body/mind/spirit, and every cell in your body. It can quicken spiritual awakening too.

Level 4 teaches how to embed energy in text and objects. Not just Reiki, or simple energies like joy or relaxation but also complex experiences like how it feels to be outside after it has rained, or entire healing sessions consisting of multiple templates.

The course materials for levels 4-6 have embedded energy/experiences in them to support you in your learning and embodiment. You will be able to read the materials with the embedded energy all on, partially on, or completely off, depending on how deeply you wish to experience the teachings.

Level 5

This level is all about erotic energy work. The importance of pleasure and eroticism for healing and awakening are discussed, along with everything you need to know to offer an erotic energy healing session to yourself and others. Level 5 will also challenge and assist you in resolving any barriers to comfort and empowerment with erotic energy and pleasure.

Level 6

Level 6 is about living in Mastery. It’s about living in the day to day state of mind, heart and body of a Master of the Mysteries.

Deepak Chopra said “Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box.” We keep ourselves trapped in the box by an overdependence on the mind, holding on to memories and ways of relating based on the past, and in other ways as well. As healers this keeps our healing in a box, limiting the depth and breadth to which we can help others.

The key to getting rid of the box is akin to learning the secret to a magic trick. Once you learn how the illusion is perpetuated you no longer see the illusion. You only see the perpetuation. Once you see how you perpetuate the box, both the box and the perpetuation fade and you are truly free.

The goal of level 6 is to assist you in seeing how you have created and maintained the box, while also offering assistance in getting rid of it. This is not about positive thinking, or about changing limiting beliefs, but rather about observing and evolving your process of perceiving.

Once you have received Level 6 you are able to attune others to Levels 1 – 6.

For graduates of Mystery Mastery 1-6, levels 7 and 8 expand upon the teachings and techniques of the previous levels, while also offering new techniques, insights and energies for infinite living and greater healing mastery.  Instead of the one attunement per level for levels 1-6, level 7 has three attunements, and level 8 has three attunements.  Here is a partial description of contents for Levels 7 and 8:

Level 7

Level 7 begins with a detailed but easy and fast technique for accomplishing most any healing task, including things that would otherwise be complex or require training or information you do not have.  Whatever the task, no matter how complex it may seem, you do not have to be familiar with it or even know how to create it. That is figuring it out with the mind. As an infinite being, you have another option.  Level 7 teaches that option.

Level 7 also teaches a way to use subtle energy to massage and stretch the body.  Would you like to know how a 50 year old woman with a lifetime of repetitive strain injuries from Tourette Syndrome manages to avoid serious pain and dysfunction, despite constant re-injury of muscles?  This is it. It is also very useful for back pain. And, it can be offered via distance! It combines well with hands on healing, massage and yoga.

With level 7 you can learn how to choose infinity boxes to create a relaxation zone, offer conditions that aid mental clarity, help wounds heal quicker, quiet an active mind, help energy flow easier, re-create the healing room energy of  your favorite healer and use it for yourself or  your clients, and many other things as well.

Diving deeper into the systemic nature of your body as a whole, each of its parts, and even your emotional body and mental body, level 7 offers a simple way to work with the operating system of a system to bring it back into balance and then balance it with all the other systems it affects and is effected by. It is simple and can be done in less than a minute.  You can also use it to change your way of being around money, relationships or most anyone or anything else.  And that is just the beginning of ways to use the systemic nature of healing as an infinite being! Level 7 offers other ideas too.

Level 8

Level 8 goes into more detail on how to self-attune to anything.  From descriptions of crystal grids, to pictures of crop circles, even to any of the layered healing sessions, or types of healing offered on my website (or any other website). You will learn how to not be locked out of any healing or attunement, despite any ways healers set up attunements with expiration dates or for paying clients only.

Years ago I met a very talented healer, bodyworker and erotic energy worker who could not only work on parts of my body where I held deep fear from past abuse and had a strong aversion to being touched, but his work actually felt incredible and left me wanting more, more and more. In level 8, I share his secret. It can be used for erotic energy work, but it can also be adapted for any type of energy work or bodywork in many ways. What if your energy work could be met by your client with enhanced receptivity and allowance of healing? What if their tension could instead by ease and flow? What if your energy could be met by their body with joy and expansiveness? All this, and much more is possible. It can even be offered via distance, and combined with other Mystery Mastery techniques.  And, you can adapt it and use it for lovemaking. I do!

Level 8 will also teach you how to “transfer” any intuitive knowing or any other energy from you to your client. If you get an intuitive insight of a great potential future for your client and would like to help make that outcome more likely and easy, you can use this technique to support your client. It has many other uses too.

In level 8, you can learn how to connect with Morphic fields at will to raise your vibration, develop intuitive skills, be more positive, deepen your awakening, gain inspiration/insight to solve problems, lucid dream and have greater ease in learning new things. You will even learn how to use it to attract new clients, meet new friends or work with the energy of a group to increase the results of any healing you receive for yourself, or offer to others.

Once you have received level 8, you will be able to attune others to levels 1 – 8.

Mystery Mastery Assimilation Guidelines

* Level 1 – Available to all

* Level 2 – 1 month must have passed after your level 1 attunement before you can receive level 2

* Level 3 – 1 week must have passed after your level 2 attunement before you can receive level 3

* Level 4 – 1 week must have passed after your level 3 attunement before you can receive level 4

* Level 5 – 1 month must have passed after your level 4 attunement before you can receive level 5

* Level 6 – 1 month must have passed after your level 5 attunement before you can receive level 6

* Level 7 – 1 month must have passed after your level 6 attunement before you can receive level 7

* Level 8 – 6 weeks must have passed after your level 7 attunement before you can receive level 8


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