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Drisana is a powerful and sophisticated energy system of Tibetan origin. The word Drisana literally means THE DAUGHTER OF THE SUN. These extremely powerful energies can be accessed by activating and directing the energy flow through meditation and pure intention. The Drisana energy system also uses sacred geometry, such as the star tetrahedron which is activated for stronger a energy transmissions during your healing sessions. People using and receiving Drisana energies report dramatic shifts at all levels of their being, such as physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Some reported benefits are: ~ Less or elimination of physical pain ~ ~ Feelings of inner peace and calm ~ ~ Strengthened immune system ~ ~ Increased energy and vitality ~ ~ Clearing of stagnant energy ~ ~ Assisting in the process of personal transformation ~ ~ Helping to clear, ground and harmonize ~ ~ Emotional releases.

There are 30 Different attunements/Initiations for Drisana. Each holding its own unique energy signature and is simply activated by Intention. These Attunements are as follows:

  1. Kundalini Shakti
  2. Angelic Forces
  3. Alleviation of Karma
  4. Cosmic Union with God
  5. Monadic True self
  6. Atmic – Spirit
  7. Buddhic – Soul
  8. Mental
  9. Emotional
  10. Physical
  11. First Light
  12. Activation by will alone
  13. Light Carrying capacity
  14. Mental Imagery Attunement
  15. Heart centre Enhancement
  16. Etheric Heart Attunement
  17. Triangulation Attunement
  18. Soul Star Attunement
  19. Soul Contact Attunement
  20. Chakra Release Attunement
  21. Star Tetrahedron Attunement
  22. Stabilization Shakti
  23. Power setting Attunement
  24. Drisana Absentee Symbol Attunement
  25. Mode Setting Attunement
  26. Transdimentionality Attunement
  27. Meditation Attunement
  28. Samadhi Attunement (Union with God)
  29. Mental Control of Energy Attunement
  30. Drisana 7th Ray Initiation


Prerequisite: None

First Light uses energies called Drisana that are of Tibetan origin. First Light allows a person to receive powerful energies that shift the perceptions of their being – spiritual, physical, and emotional. First Light does not use symbols. Energy levels can be set, and become more effective and powerful with usage, working independently of any religion or belief system. It increases the effectiveness of meditation and helps clear your system. “First Light” is an initiation where you receive powerful energies that you can then access at any time for yourself or others by mentally directing the flow without visualization, complex symbols, mantras, etc. Once you are attuned to the energies, you only need to think the ‘key’ word or phrase to run the energy on yourself or others. The more you activate the attunements, the stronger they will flow within your system. 
First Light is a fantastic system including many attunements that are sent in one large distant attunement. Please find below some of the descriptions of the energies that you will be attuned to in First Light.

The attunements are as follows:

*KUNDALINI SHAKTI:  This is energy of spiritual unfolding.  It is an extremely safe way to work with Kundalini, being one of the most intelligent shaktis.  It is about 80% Chit Kundalini, which goes to the heart and brain, and 20% Prana Kundalini, which starts at the base of the spine and works its way up.  The Chit Kundalini component works primarily with consciousness and does not affect energy blocks very much.  In addition to its own impetus, this shakti, being unusually intelligent, has the power to oversee your spiritual development and will act to coordinate Drisana and any other shaktis or spiritual practices.

ANGELIC FORCES ATTUNEMENT – LEVEL 1:  There are two parallel evolutionary tracks in the Universe – the devic track and the humanoid track.  Angels are spiritual beings who occupy a position on the devic track that parallels the position human beings have on the humanoid track.  Devas also include elementals, plant spirits, crystal spirits, etc.  There are many kinds of angels that you might work with, although the single most important one is your solar angel, also called the guardian angel.  The primary purpose of this angel is not to guard you, but to oversee your personal and spiritual evolution.  This attunement allows any angelic forces that wish to work with you to do so more easily by facilitating communication from them to you, and from you to them.

ALLEVIATION OF KARMA, LEVEL 1:  This procedure alleviates some karmic burden from the past, but does not affect karma accumulated in the present life.  It is guaranteed to do something for everyone, although the amount varies from one person to the next.  This is a personal experience that can vary from slight to tremendous affects.

SEVEN ATTUNEMENTS:  The seven attunements work on the seven sub-planes of the etheric plane, as they manifest in us, to make them more self-clearing and self-balancing.  The attunements expand the first strand in each nadir so that they can hold more prana, and also makes the strand more efficient.

FIRST LIGHT:  This attunement makes the basic Drisana energy more coherent and penetrating, and increases its power by a factor of five to seven.  First light is a general-purpose energy that can be used for yourself or others to produce profound changes on the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Each of the Drisana Lights also has a particular specialty.  As general- purpose energy, the Light of each level is stronger than the previous one.  The specialty of First Light is that it works particularly well with the mode settings that you will receive in attunement 25.  Although the mode settings can be used with any energy modality, they are designed to be particularly effective with First Light.  The only essential part is the intention.  You need to have this intention present continuously throughout the entire time you are working with First Light as it is intention, not willpower that keeps the energy flowing.  Even the smallest amount of intention is sufficient.  As long as the intention is present, you can even be doing other things while you are running First Light.  The energy is programmed so that when you run it down your arms, it will automatically spread to wherever else it is needed.  However, you can build up a charge more quickly and directly in a given area by placing your hand directly on the area in need of healing.  A general principle for working with all the Drisana Lights is:  Run the energy down your arms and ask for what you want.

ACTIVATION BY WILL ALONE, LEVEL 1:  This attunement allows you to activate any energy or procedure by will alone.  This applies to any energy or procedure you had before the attunement, and any you receive afterwards.  It can be used in place of symbols, but is not a substitute for hands on work.

You can also use this attunement to create customized “programs”.  Decide on a name for your program at some point before you complete the program.  Then run all the procedures you wish to program for the amount of time and in the order you with the program to simulate.  After doing this, you can ever afterwards just think of the name of the program and it will simulate everything at roughly 50% to 70% efficiency in roughly one fifth to one third the time.  Once activated, the simulation will run to completion by itself even if some or all of what you were programming previously required continuous intent to activate.

LIGHT CARRYING CAPACITY, LEVEL 1:  This enhancement works mostly with the physical nervous system to enable it to absorb more spiritual level energy.

MENTAL IMAGERY ATTUNEMENT, LEVEL 1:  This attunement empowers your mental imagery, increasing your ability to visualize.  Your visualizations may be more vivid than before, be seen in 3D, contain more emotional content, or may show you what it feels like in your body to be that which you are visualizing.

HEART CENTER ENHANCEMENT, LEVEL 1:  This increases the ability of the heart and the heart chakra to give and to receive love at the human, devic and divine levels.  It releases a healing energy from the heart, increases the flow between the heart and the Higher Self, and prepares the heart to receive the additional enhancements of higher levels of Drisana.

ETHERIC HEART ATTUNEMENT:  The thymus gland has been called the “etheric heart” or high heart chakra.  It is in the upper central part of the chest, roughly one third of the way from the bottom of the collarbone towards the heart chakra.  This attunement opens you up to acceptance of your inner divinity.  The strength of this attunement builds with use and time.  Some people also see light or feel warmth at the thymus.  To send energy to others or the environment, activate as above and then send a beam of light (cone-shaped with a point at the etheric heart) out to where you want the energy to go.  Another way of using this attunement is to maintain a continuous focus on the thymus after activating it.  You will feel an energy called an elixir circulate around the body.

TRIANGULATION ATTUNEMENT (CHANNEL BUILDING):  This increases the efficiency of channel building, a procedure to work on your central channel from your Soul Star to your Earth Star.  The attunement helps to maintain even development of the channel and also; facilitates energy flow from the central channel out to the rest of the body.

SOUL STAR ATTUNEMENT:  The Soul Star is an energy center located about six to eight inches above the Crown chakra.  Some people experience it as being like a star, but it is more common to see it as a ball of light.  Its job is to regulate energy entering your field from the cosmos, and from your soul and solar “guardian” angel.  This attunement dramatically increases the ability of the Soul Star to work with prana from the Buddhic plane and above, and also helps to increase your awareness and understanding of the Soul Star.

You will also receive the following attunements:













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