Ishana Vajra Nath



ISHANA VAJRA NATH by Hari Andri Winarso – Be a True Co-Creator who Manifests All that you Think of – Activate the Co-Creator within!

Everyone has the power within them to be a true co-creator who manifests all that they think of. This attunement process makes that happen! To that end, it is a great tool for spiritual growth as it will teach you to discipline your thoughts like nothing else. You have heard it said that you should be careful what you wish for? Well, Ishana will make those wishes come true, and often almost immediately.  Ishana Vajra Nath™ means Rays of God that govern the universe. The universe refers to the world of human beings (Micro-Cosmic)-human life. Ishana Vajra Nath™ is energy which is centered in the Anahata Chakra. This energy is able to restore or activate the actual and natural ability of human as a Co-Creator; it restores and activates the natural ability of humans to create and to manifest all of the things they have in mind.  After obtaining the activation, Ishana Vajra Nath™ will work automatically and continuously in the practitioners body as a protector, and working in all the things done by practitioners in daily life such as healing, business, career, love and other relationships. In Ishana Vajra Nath™ there is no special training required, after receiving the activation, the Ishana Vajra Nath energy will flow and work constantly, especially working at the time when needed.  Ishana Vajra Nath™ has four main groups, That is :  


There are six levels in Ishana, at each level of energy in the Anahata Chakra at an Ishana will be activated and become stronger at every level. Ishana activation is performed by level with an interval of seven days for each level. Alternatively it could be done in a single level of activation for 1st level to 3rd level of Ishana and then seven days later for 4th – 6th level of Ishana, It depends on the policy of the Ishana Vajra or Ishana Vajra Rudra or Ishana Vajra Shiva who gave the activation. These six attunements, and all of the other Ishana attunements take a great amount of time, attention and prayer to set up properly, and so the cost is higher than that of other attunements. And, the rewards of receiving the attunements are also much greater as well.

ISHANA VAJRA : Ishana Vajra has one level, hence, the energy will be activated and channeled into Visuddha Chakra, with the flow of Ishana Vajra Nath energy to the Visuddha Chakra located on top Anahata Chakra, an Ishana Vajra will have more ability to influence others. This has made the Ishana Vajra have the ability in manifesting all of the things many times stronger than an Ishana. An Ishana Vajra has the right to grant activation for 1st to 6th level of Ishana. The activation can be done at least 21 days after 6th level of Ishana.

ISHANA VAJRA RUDRA : Ishana Vajra Rudra has one level, an Ishana Vajra Rudra has greater power than the Ishana Vajra in realizing what they want or what they thought. This occurs because the Ishana Vajra Nath energy will be activated and flowing from Anahata Chakra to Visuddha Chakra and Ajna Chakra, thus, the power of mind of Ishana Vajra Rudra will be thrived and become very strong. Ishana Vajra Nath energy which leads to Ajna Chakra can provide, enhance, and even strengthen the psychic abilities of the Ishana Vajra Rudra. Something that must be
considered of the Ishana Vajra Rudra on using they mind, because with the great power of mind can achieve something positive or negative for others. An Ishana Vajra Rudra has the right to grant activation for 1st to 6th level of Ishana and Ishana Vajra, they also have the ability to recoup or revoke Ishana Vajra Nath energy of an Ishana and Ishana Vajra if there is any violation of behavior from an Ishana or Ishana Vajra which not accordance with the social norms or perform other malicious actions. The Ishana Vajra Rudra activation has minimum acceptable 30 days after the activation of Ishana Vajra.

ISHANA VAJRA SHIVA : Ishana Vajra Shiva has one level. Ishana Vajra Shiva activation will be activated and drain the energy of Ishana Vajra Nath from Anahata Chakra to the Sahasrara Chakra. Thus, the capacity of an Ishana Vajra Shiva in manifesting all of the things is very strong and very fast than an Ishana Vajra Rudra. In the extreme way an Ishana Vajra Shiva has the ability to manifest without any restriction, even limit of time and space constraints. An Ishana Vajra Shiva is certain back to be a human nature as Co-Creator (at least for themself), physically, as well as they mind and consciousness. An Ishana Vajra Shiva has the right to grant activation of Ishana up to Ishana Vajra Rudra and have the ability to recoup or revoke of Ishana Vajra Nath from an Ishana, Ishana Vajra and Ishana Vajra Rudra.



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