Magickal Stone Reiki



Magickal Stone Reiki Attunement by Amanda Hadley

Magickal Stone Reiki Attunement will enable you to create Magickal stones for any purpose; protection, abundance, love, etc.

It is a system that I channeled in 2019 but is deeply rooted in many years of stone collecting. The energies of this system are Magick infused and will enable you to imbue your chosen purpose/properties into any stone that you wish.

Once created the stone will hold and emit the energies it has been infused with continuously.

Magickal Stone Reiki can be used on garden stones, precious stones, riverbed stones, rocks, tumbled stones, pebbles, crystals, etc.

The energies of this system are open ended in how you use and develop them.

You will be attuned to the magickal energies to imbue any stone with any intention and this will grow and transform for your own personal needs.

Please note that the energies of Magickal Stone Reiki can only be used for light and love, the energies of this system connect you to Source energy and can only be used for positive means and the good of all concerned.

Once you have infused a stone you can use it in any way you choose.

 You can:

  • carry it in your pocket, wallet, purse
  • use it in jewelry
  • sew it onto clothes, furniture
  • place in your home, office, car, by your bed, on your altar/ sacred space, etc.
  • use it with affirmations, meditation, healing sessions, energy work, spell work, etc.

You can create infused stones for your own use or dedicate them to others. You can also dedicate them to pets, plants, etc.


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