Celtic Dragon Reiki


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Celtic Dragon Reiki was channeled in 2018 by Amanda Hadley.

Celtic Dragon Reiki has been created as a system of Energy Healing that has many uses for Self-Healing, Healing others, Healing situations, Healing Relationships and Healing Mother Earth. There are 4 Symbols within this system that can be used for Protection, Cleansing, Healing and Manifesting Abundance. The Symbols when activated are very powerful and can be used in healing work or they can be drawn onto objects to infuse them with their energies.

Celtic Dragons are renowned for Symbolizing the Elements and in particular the Earth Element and the Energies which are found at Ley Lines on Earth. These are Strong, Powerful Energy Lines that run throughout the Earth. The Druids believed that the Dragons existed in a World which was Parallel to our Physical World and that the paths the Dragons took greatly affected our Physical World. They also believed that the Celtic Dragons were the Guardians and Gatekeepers to other Worlds, Wisdom and Prophecy. Celtic Dragons were revered and honoured as Protectors of the Earth and all of its inhabitants.

Celtic Dragon Reiki will help with the following and much more:

* Unity.

* Protection.

* Wisdom.

* Renewal.

* Healing.

* Elemental Magic.


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