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In Greek mythology, Gaia (a poetical form of “land” or “earth”), also spelled Gaea, is the personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess.

Using the gentle and loving facets of nature, this package aims to purify, heal and balance your body’s systems, and give you a deeper connection to Mother Earth.  Also very useful for grounding and release of excess energies (which helps with migraines and headaches).

The value of these attunements is £1 600.  Includes the following manuals and attunements:

  1. Aos Si Realms Empowerments ($300)
  2. Banyan Tree Empowerment – FREE
  3. Bliss Light Body Activation
  4. Earth Connection
  5. Earth Dragon Egg Elixir
  6. Earth Energy Boost
  7. Earth Fortress Essence
  8. Earth Empowerment
  9. Earth Sphere Energetic
  10. Earthstar Super Radiance
  11. Earthly Vibration Amplifier
  12. Elemental Earth Star Empowerment
  13. Elemental Reiki
  14. Energy of Elements – Fire
  15. Epona’s Crystal & Nature Healing Empowerment – FREE
  16. Essential Earth Love
  17. Essential Green Earth Energy
  18. Gaia Goddess Seasons Abundance Fertility Love
  19. Gaia’s Blue Lotus Deva – FREE
  20. Gold Diamond Tree ($60)
  21. Guayabo Attunements ($300)
  22. Healing Elements Lightwork
  23. Healing Plants and Mother Earth Reiki
  24. Kauri Tree Empowerment ($100)
  25. Kukai Mikio Wu Wei Ling ($300)
  26. Magical Nature Reiki
  27. Majestic Tree Attunement
  28. Moringa Empowerment ($60)
  29. Nature Essence Purification
  30. Nature Love Empowerment
  31. Natural Red Vibration
  32. Nature Relaxation Resonance
  33. Nature Devas & Fairies Attunement
  34. Nature Mandala Empowerment
  35. Nature Shaman Reiki 1 – 3 ($100)
  36. Pachamama Aura
  37. Sacred Earth Energy
  38. Stone Reiki
  39. Tree of Life Empowerment

Free Bonuses:

  1. Earth Blessing Empowerment
  2. Earth Healing eBook by Judy Hall (as stated on the first page of the book “copyright Judy Hall 2011 but please feel free to share this information”)
  3. Earth Light
  4. Earth Star Attunement
  5. Golden Merkabah of Love for World Peace
  6. Help for Gaia
  7. Earthly Mother Attunement
  8. Rainbow Dolphin & Cetaceans with Mother Gaia

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