Do you regret some of the choices you have made in life?



Do you often feel as though your life is going nowhere?

Do you often wish that you had made different choices?

Do you often wonder who you really are, is there more to you than you are currently showing to the world?

Have questions you would like answered but don’t know where to start?

Would you like to live a conscious life?

Do you wonder what your purpose, passion and meaning in life is?

Do you have children who have just finished their schooling and are not sure of what they want to do with their lives?

Do you have clients who phone or email you with the slightest thing that is going on in their lives, almost like they cannot take one step on their own?

Did you grow up in an alcoholic home?

Then this course is exactly what you have been looking for.

Throughout our daily lives, we are constantly observing and analyzing.

Whether it is an important document for work or a confusing text from the opposite sex, we have successfully trained our brains to obtain data and examine it for deeper meaning or explanation.

While it has become second nature to think critically, the ironic part is we often forget to apply this concept to ourselves.

Introspection involves examining one’s own thoughts, feelings and sensations in order to gain insight.

Being introspective is often a rare quality, and with good reason: slowing down and taking a breather from our crazy lives isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

In a society fixated on fast-paced environments and a “go, go, go” mentality, it is difficult to find the time to sit down and reflect. However, setting aside a small portion of your day for self-examination can be a lot more helpful than you might expect.

Think of introspection as a form of spring cleaning. By sifting through old memories and experiences you get a clearer sense of where you are, who you are, and who you would like to be in the future. Introspection helps you remain accountable and encourages you to take responsibility.

Humans tend to resist introspection and self-reflection because no one wants to be reminded of all the mistakes they have made. No one needs a reminder of all their regrets. It is hard. It is not easy to look back on your past to dig in.

Once you do practice introspection you will feel different. Why? Because you will be more cognizant of all the versions of you that have existed thus far. This type of introspection helps you find peace with all of your experiences, while also becoming mindful of who you are today. It is about acceptance.

Module 1


Ways introspection can be a positive tool in your daily life

The importance of self-reflection and introspection


Module 2

The benefits of self-reflection

How knowing who you really are improves yourself and your life quality




Benefits of introspection

Personal growth


Make changes

Answer key questions

Introspection begets forgiveness

Introspection begets clarity

Introspection improves self-esteem

The emotional release

Make better decisions

Build character

Define happiness

Acknowledgement of choices

Improved self-control and self-regulation

Focus on you

Liberate yourself


Change perception

Retake real control

Get results


Module 3

The benefits of self-reflection workbook


Module 4

Benefits of self-reflection checklist


Module 5

A deeper awareness of your inner self

You are more than your identities

Importance of finding your inner self

Knowing your inner-self

What is beneath your identities

Aligning with your inner-self

Live a conscious life


Module 6

A deeper awareness of your inner-self workbook


Module 7

A deeper awareness of your inner-self checklist


Module 8

The process of observing

Key areas of life to observe that offer insight



How you react to heartbreak and painful situations

How you communicate with others

How you take care of yourself

Examples of observations

Growing up in an alcoholic home can also yield many positive effects

The key to unlocking a lot of issues within you


Module 9

The process of observing workbook


Module 10

The process of observing checklist


Module 11

The process of analyzing

Introspection: What to do and what not to do

Some examples

Focus on what and how questions

The walk down memory lane

What is the reward?

Reflect on negative and traumatic experiences

How you ask the questions

Major benefits to opting for solution-based questions

Examples of analysis introspection



Module 12

The process of workbook



Module 13


The process of checklist


Module 14

Take action

Moving from observation and analysis to action

Introspection has to influence action

An action plan

Action is highly individualized



Module 15

Take action workbook



Module 16

Take action checklist



Module 17

How your experiences shape who you are

What the research says

There are some experiences that hold more sway

The liberation

Being a better you

Why does this matter? Who cares?



Module 18

My experiences workbook



Module 19

My experiences checklist



Module 20

Learn from the past

Your identity is an amalgam of a variety of who you were yesterday and who you are today

Introspection to explore your past selves

Ways to identify current issues from past experiences




Module 21

Learn from the past workbook


Module 22

Learn from the past checklist



Module 23

Self-reflection tips




Emotional kryptonite

Lifetime timeline


Learn new skills

Cognitive distortion

Clarity of values

Don’t’s of Self-reflection and self-awareness

Don’t ignore your strengths and weaknesses

Don’t ignore intuition

Don’t ignore boundaries

Don’t be close minded

Don’t ignore the power of self-discipline

Don’t ignore your limits

Don’t underestimate time

Don’t ignore the power of self-motivation

Never fear


Module 24

Self-reflection workbook


Module 25

Self-reflection checklist


Module 26

Self-awareness and personal growth

The key to self-awareness






Self-awareness and effectiveness

Develop skills

Understanding strengths and weaknesses

Improve decision-making skills



Practice the skill



Module 27

Self-awareness and personal workbook


Module 28

Self-awareness and personal checklist


Module 29

Who you are changes throughout life







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