Creative Tantra Empowerment



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“In India as the native gods of the forest, harvest and weather began to be replaced by gods of war and beauty and learning, older men retired to the jungle to ponder the riddle of life.

They learned to breathe in new ways, and to see with their mind a flow of light that accompanied that breath. Channels seemed to be carrying this energy, or prana, as they called it, to vital organs.

The energy seemed to move the fingers of the old men. A finger could bind or release the energy of fire, water, air and earth. At least within you.

Sounds bubbled from their mouths and the vibrations sang to the inner energy. Pictures were drawn on the dirt and sacred space was formed. Gods and goddesses were called – not as rulers, but as friends. As teachers who also were on the path to self-realization.

This empowerment is going to teach you a simple do-it yourself but genuine tantric method.”



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