Scarcity Mentality Flush


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The Scarcity Mentality Flush empowerment has been given unto us from Spirit so that lack thinking does not hurt our chances of achieving abundance and anything else we desire in our lives. It will remove blocks of limiting and negative beliefs that have held us back so that we can reconnect to truth. Truth is that there is an abundance of everything – opportunities, resources, money, etc.

The flush will heal us of the mentality of scarcity and raise our consciousness to abundance thinking. Rather than being victims of whatever circumstance we find ourselves in we will connect to Higher thinking and acting that leads to fulfilment of our greatest desires.


Benefits of the Scarcity Flush Empowerment


  • Countless opportunities for personal growth and development
  • Self Esteem will rise
  • Ability to rise to challenges
  • Empowered to seek opportunities which lead to greater results in our lives
  • Seeing potential opportunities in our life for abundance
  • Greater fluidity in goals in life
  • Positive approaches to overcoming obstacles and facing challenges
  • Inner Fulfilment
  • Develop perseverance
  • Freedom from procrastination and complacency
  • Demonstrating personal responsibility and leadership in our lives
  • Proactive approach to obstacles to abundant living
  • Personal contentment
  • And Much More



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