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Anilos 999 by Solina- decodes Dna in its original divine form, activates light body and God cell completely

A high activation energy of the New Age by Solina

On 11/11/2009 I got this high-energy activation of Melek Metatron passed my higher self to the people to increase their light, and 5 in the Lead level of light.

Anilos 999 – one of the highest frequencies of light, which now flows on the planet Earth. She opens the portal to the divine in you thought field, therefore it is highly valuable and that you are awakened to carry aimless love and peace within you.

Anilos 999 decodes your DNA / DNA in its original divine form. Your light body and your God-cell is activated completely. You begin to unfold in your energy field and your access to the divine thought field is created.

Healing happens when your soul will allow.

There is a cleaning and clearing on all your levels and systems, your endocrine system and your chakras are balanced and your created unified chakra. In your seven major chakras and in your light body anchoring a  rise of crystal  occurred.

So you get a light-filled energy boost, through his strength and power. Two magnetic Neuzeitchakren for the increased uptake of m Agnete energy for your accelerated transformation and activate transmutation. The pattern of energy 999 is to set your light body and anchored.

So you will, when the planetary ascension takes place with Lady Gaia cross over into the 5th Level of light.



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