Astral Travel Attunement Package




Astral travel can transport you to a reality where there are no physical rules, only etheric energy. You can travel by thought – which is must faster than light.

You are opened up to telepathy and other etheric abilities. You can visit any building, location and experience available on this planet. You can read any language, and see anything you wish. You can even use astral travel to find your true soul mate.

It’s worth noting that in the field of astral travel there are many different terms – however they all mean the same thing. Astral projection, Out of Body Experience and a variety of other related names all mean astral travel.

Clear Your Conscious and Intentions

Only those with a clear conscious and no ulterior motives will be able to successfully astral travel.

You must get rid of lust and carnal desires before attempting astral travel.  Astral travel is a point along a spiritual path, and the spiritual path is not lustful.

However, know there is a big difference between love and lust. A heart full of love will help your astral travel abilities. A sincere desire to seek your soul mate, or travel with your current love, will enhance your abilities. Pure love, and sex experienced while holding pure love, is perfectly acceptable and will elevate your abilities.

It is best to have only one intention when starting out: to successfully astral travel. Any other intentions must be removed.

Manuals and attunements included in this package are as follows:


  1. Apophyllite Essence
  2. Astral Body Protection
  3. Astral Body Radiance  £24
  4. Astral Body Radiance 2012
  5. Astral Protection Shield
  6. Astral Star (all 4 levels)
  7. Cat Eye Vortex Energetic
  8. Celestial Fire Vortex – £48
  9. Clear Light Flush
  10. Crossing Over Brigade
  11. Divine Personal Guard
  12. Dolphin White Wave
  13. Enchanted Ametrine Essence Energy
  14. Enchanted Staurolite Energy
  15. Fireball Energy Radiance
  16. Goddess Vor Intuition and Divination
  17. He Xian Gu Beauty Femininity and Energetic Reiki
  18. High White Energy Transmitters
  19. Iris – the Rainbow Goddess and Messenger Empowerment
  20. Light Spear of Athena – £40
  21. OBE Reiki
  22. Olive Green Essence
  23. Physical Energy Enhancement
  24. Protection Healing Orb
  25. Quantum Body Qi
  26. Sheen Obsidian Shakti
  27. Silver Light Energetic
  28. Solar Light I
  29. Solar Light II
  30. Supreme Light High Energy


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