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Sarvayudhavisadara Sathya Tummo is using Mystic and Esoteric approach in the practice so that it is more to the use of energy pattern, mantra, mudra, and visualization instead of symbols. Sathya tummo has five levels, in which the third level or Master level and thereafter will be considered carefully for some reasons. Level One: In this level Candali (tummo) sacred fire which is fire element inside human body will be activated from lower tantien. Energy path, especially Sushumna, Ida, and Pingala will be opened so that sathya tummo energy will flow through all major energy paths. This level consists of 9 energy paths.

Level 2: In this level, Candali sacred fire will be activated from middle tantien so it will be stronger – 108 times stronger. Water element will also be activated. This level consists of 5 standard energy patterns, 2 additional energy patterns to strengthen intuition and to form protection shield, and mantras.

Level 3 Master Level – In this level the sacred fire will be activated from upper tantien so that it will be 1000 times stronger. Wind element will also be activated. This level consists of 3 additional energy patterns to cleanse neg. energy patterns in body layers, diseases because of karma, trauma, etc., to solve problems and etheric weapon to destroy negative energy, disease and negative entities. Because it also includes mantras which can be neg. mantras if they are used for neg. purposes this level will be given selectively.

Level Vajra Master – In this level the sacred fire will be activated from lower, middle, and upper tanyien concurrently so it will be 10000 times stronger. Ether element is added. This level consists of 6 negativity energy patterns and 2 energy patterns to overcome neg. energy patterns and to protect. In this level you have the authority to give angkur (attunement) to others.

You will receive 4 manuals, 4 attunements,



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