Gtumo Anti Api Hidup by Ferizal Syukur



“Inti Api Hidup ® representing mikrokosmis energi in our self which is frequent to be used by some people to increase attainment of someone spiritual. Inti Api Hidup also for to assorted healing of disease of physical and non psychical.

Applying Of Inti Api Hidup in healing do not accompany with concentration, breathing technique, and medicine. Can be told the Inti Api Hidup emit a stream of at the time of us think miscellaneous outside effort healing. Applying Inti Api Hidup to practitioner first level conducted with palm touch, while to practitioner Inti Api Hidup next level conducted with palm touch and earn also by using patterns of energy conducive for healing of long distance to one or some patient concurrently.

The Inti Api Hidup can just be applied by whom after obtaining harmonization of Inti Api Hidup. Harmonization Of Inti Api Hidup can be done directly and also long distance. Harmonization Of Inti Api Hidup conducted by practitioner of Inti Api Hidup expert level only need 10 minute for every level and at once the new practitioner can apply the Inti Api Hidup to others and ownself with only touching its palm. In general applying to ownself conducted by touching palm above both thigh, while to others done by touching palm in people shoulder .


In Inti Api Hidup have 4 level; Level 1, level 2, level 3 or Personal Master, and level 4 or Full Master. Through Angkur of long distance and direct, someone can at once applying the Inti Api Hidup level 1 instantly. That way the things of level 2, Personal Master level, and Full Master level, step by step can reach at once, and only until level 3 / Personal Master. I intend to limit giving of Full Master level angkur with selection.


Open and activate 3 source of Gtumo energi, namely Tantien Under, Middle and Top at level Core of Tumo. Opening and activating all chakra both minor and also major in body

Open and activate third band of energi in body of back and also front

Awaken and activate Kundalini come up with crown cakra which continue to expand.

Forming protector around body for all negative energi like black magic, gendam, hypnotic, philtra, palette and others.

Improving health of physical body, spiritual body and aura

Improve real awareness in human being relation and God

Can heal others and also ownself of metaphysics and also physical disease

Clean body aura at all of coat and improve strength of aura

Can deliver energy long distance for healing

To clean all negative energy like emotion ( angry, hateful, grudge, covet and others)

Improve circulation of prana energy in body either from food, beverage, air, natural and others

Push to reach awareness of soul and do a kindness to life being humanity

Can deliver energy love universal to entire all being live and universe and others


Using Gtumo Inti Api Hidup is very easy, enough with just intention, do not need symbol, supertitous formula or any. Can heal disease either through direct and also long distance. This science have the character of forever, will not lose.



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