Prosondo Light Attunement – Solina Grill Mitterhofer



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Prosondo Light Attunement by Solina Grill Mitterhofer 

Bears Highest Light of Jesus. It is the light of love, the merkabah, the living net

Prosonodo Light bears the highest light of Jesus Christ. It is the light of love and contains the entire energy of redemption. The Prosonodo Light is the merkabah, the living net, the star tetrahedron of Jesus Christ. It is tied to the Divine Thought Field with all aspects. As you are taking a path which is called the Pioneer path you will receive the great gift to be attached, connected to the Prosonodo

Light, and Jesus will give you an initiation.

Absorbed fully, this pure divine light can bring you to love yourself deeply and to accept yourself as you are. You  can feel what it means to forgive, to forgive yourself, to  feel the redemption. In addition, Prosonodo Light brings strength, freedom and abundance.



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