Stop Smoking Flush




The name is pretty self-explanatory. This is system will work for you if you have made the decision to stop smoking.  It is only when you make that decision that anything will work for you. Stop Smoking Forever will work if you work it.  It will take up to 30 days and will bring a calmness and sense of empowerment to you once the decision is made and you begin to work with its energies.  Smoking is 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical. Reiki is an intelligent energy; therefore it will go to the right places.  Stop Smoking Forever is designed to assist with the withdrawal symptoms once you have stopped your smoking habit.  These energies will also help with the trigger points such as wanting a cigarette/cigar/pipe after a meal or reaching for a cigarette after a stressful situation. Not only does this energy assist you with the stop smoking process but it can be used as a preventative measure and a protection measure for emergencies.


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