Full Access Mega Course



Choose as many subjects as you like from our enrolment form, and complete them within 24 months from date of sign up.  No compulsory subjects necessary – choose only from the Practitioner’s Course list if you like, or mix this with Attunement Packages and Spiritual Development courses – it is entirely your choice how you structure it.  

You will receive certification for every course you complete, as well as a certificate on completion of your Full Access Course.  Once you have completed 15 courses (including at least 3 practitioner courses) you will receive a Master’s Degree certificate.  You can also upgrade to a Doctorate for £150, which includes extra courses and requires a dissertation (essay / paper). Single attunements do not count towards the 15 courses.

All courses on the enrolment form at the date of sign up are included.

On receipt of [full] payment, you will receive your first 12 downloadable courses (PDF, MP3, MP4, and MS Word files), which includes the manuals, meditations, free eBooks, and additional bonuses for each course. Once you have completed these courses and sent in the assignments or received all the attunements (as applicable), you will receive 3 more courses.  Once those courses are completed, you will continue receiving 3 courses every time you complete the last 3 sent.  Download links are sent via Google Drive. 

We also accept monthly payments for the Full Access Course – the number of courses you receive per month with this option is dependent on the amount paid.

 Total value of all courses on this plan exceeds £15 000 / $20 825 / R307 723



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