Animal Healing & Communication Diploma



Learn how to communicate with and heal the animals in your life as well as  wild animals, in person or by distance.  Once you have completed this course, you will be able to practise as a professional animal communicator and offer healing sessions in person or by distance.

During this course you’ll learn about animal chakras and auras, various healing methods, and be given exercises that will help open your mind to hearing the animals around you! 

Telepathy with animals is a learned skill, reconnecting us with the ability we were all born with: to engage instinctively with animals and the natural world around us. Too often we lose touch with that sensitivity as we grow up.   With this course, you will rediscover that amazing connection.

This course includes a comprehensive 250 page manual, video, audio, and your diploma certificate once you have completed the assignment and case studies.

Our pets (and other animals) know how to communicate with us. Have you ever wished you could understand what your pet was thinking? Are they suffering from recurring health problems, experiencing emotional or behavioural issues (anxiety, aggression, fearfulness, etc.) or unhappy but you don’t know why?  Do you want to deepen the bond with your animal friend, and foster greater understanding and harmony in your relationship? Would you like to learn their life’s purpose, and how they view their world? Would you like to connect with an animal who has crossed over, to ask questions and exchange messages? Are you interested in learning what your animal friends, alive or in spirit, want to tell you, teach you, ask you, and experience with you?

This course is designed to help you learn to communicate with your pets and other animals on the emotional, mental, and telepathic level, as well as the basics of animal healing. This course brings enlightenment and knowledge on how animals communicate, what animals think and feel, telepathic abilities: seeing, hearing, knowing, sensing, feeling (physical and emotional), understanding and affirming your innate communication abilities, centeredness and opening to receive, and more. Also covered are techniques for clearing the mind and focusing the heart, and for addressing blocks to clear communication. You will learn how to open your heart and mind to receiving the animals’ messages.  You’ll learn about the animals’ aura and chakras, and how to assist them with Reiki, energy healing, crystal healing, distance healing, touch, and love.

You will emerge from this course with the tools, know-how and ability to communicate with your own and others’ animal friends and wildlife. You’ll experience the joy, fun and awe of interacting with animals at a whole new level.  You’ll learn how to use crystal healing, energy healing and distance healing to the benefit of the animals, as well as balance their chakra systems.

Our comprehensive course includes:



What is Animal Communication

Animal Communication in History

Communing with the Animal Realm


When to use Animal Communication

Finding a Lost animal

Methods of Communication

Ways of Connecting

How we use our Brain during Animal Communication

Doubt Box Technique

Factors Influencing Communication  


Gestalt Method

Communication Walkthrough

Becoming the Animal Meditation



Subtle Energies



Chakra Chart

The Physical Body

Basic Needs


Methods of Healing


Reiki Treatment for Animals

Energy Healing

Distant Healing

Crystal Healing and Pendulum Dowsing


Acupuncture and Acupressure


Bach Flower Remedies

Herbal Medicine

Tissue Salts

Aromatherapy for Animals




The Harmony Program

Naturopathic Vets

Dangerous Foods and Substances

Poisonous Plants

CPR for your dog

Connecting with Pets who have Passed On


Spiritual Animal Healer Program


Is it too hot to take my dog in the car today?

General – vaccinations, deworming, checking teeth, ignoring your pet

Consultation Form

Journaling Exercises

Join this course and learn to interact with animals on a whole new level!


  • 15 Video Lessons and 11 Audio Meditations totalling over 4 hours
  • 250-page comprehensive manual
  • Spiritual Animal Healer Attunement Program – 6 levels
  • Case study and intake form outline
  • Covers the Gestalt Method and Animal Reiki
  • Bonus EFT presentation
  • 15 Audio lessons
  • Unlimited e-mail support with Drs Gaynor du Perez and Emma Bisschoff

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone seeking to better understand their pet or other animals by communicating with them to a new level
  • Anyone wanting to perform animal healing techniques to a professional level.
  • Those aiming to reconnect with the telepathic skill and communicate with animals.
  • Those who own or work with animals

Upon completion of this course, you will know:

  • How to connect and communicate with an animal either in person or through a photograph
  • The chakras and aura of various animals
  • How to take a full client record when consulting professionally
  • Different healing methods that can be used safely on all types of animals
  • How to go inside the animal using the Gestalt Method, to feel and see what may be ailing the animal
  • How to conduct a full healing session on an animal using either Reiki or energy healing

On successful completion of this diploma course, you will be able to offering professional animal communication and healing consultations, in person and by distance (photo).


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