The Bodhi Tree Empowerment



The Bodhi Tree Empowerment – Bringing Forth Peace, Serenity & Calmness

Prerequisite: None

The Bodhi Tree Empowerment was channeled in 2022 by Amanda Hadley

The Bodhi Tree Empowerment has been channeled to connect you with the etheric vibrations of the Bodhi Tree {The Tree of Awakening} By connecting with this powerful energy, you will bring forth a deep sense of Peace, Calm, Patience and Endurance. The tree is a beautiful formation with delicate heart-shaped leaves which are often considered a symbol of peace and love. Bodhi Trees have a wonderfully high vibration and symbolize Purity, Inspiration, Awareness and Enlightenment. Bodhi Trees are probably best known as the tree that Buddha sat under in meditation where he reached a state of Nirvana {Awakening/ Enlightenment}.  The tree under which he sat became known as the Bodhi tree, Bodhi is the Sanskrit word meaning “awakened”.

The Bodhi Tree Empowerment will help with the following and much more: 

* Helping you to reach Inner Peace, Calmness and Serenity for Mind, Body & Spirit.

* Releasing Negative Emotions.

* Bringing forth Acceptance and Light

* Bringing forth Strength in difficult situations.

* Helping you to see things in a new light to bring hope.

* To help you be present in any given moment.