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The Goddess of Mother Nature

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Elen of the Ways – Initiation & Healing System is a very powerful initiation designed to help with your connection to the Goddess of Mother Nature.

* Level 1 – The first attunement aligns your own energy with that of Elen and during which you will receive your Elen initiation. The 23 page manual offers insights into who Elen is and how best to understand her and work with her energy. You will also learn her history and how she is one of the most overlooked of all Goddesses.

To further enhance your working relationship with Elen, you will be taught the following:

* What creatures are sacred to this Goddess.

* What is this Goddess’s Tree.

* What her colour/colours are.

* What places are sacred to her.

* Ritual ways to connect to Elen.

* You will receive 5 unique Glyphs.

* A mandala for shamanic journeying.

* A mandala for self-healing.

* 3 Totems to work with.


* Level 2 – The second attunement, is an attunement to a full healing system.

During your level 2 initiation you will be given the following:

* A complete healing manual.

* 27 unique healing symbols.

This attunement is nothing short of a gateway into a newly revealed ancient system of healing. Once initiated and fully attuned to the healing energy symbols, you will have at your disposal the means to operate using ancient feminine natural frameworks.



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