Sacred Mountains, Sacred Earth – A South American Healing System



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Sacred Mountains, Sacred Earth Shamanic Healing is a form of energy transmission that comes to us from the High Andes. It is a Shamanic Healing System, but it is not to be confused with other Peruvian Shamanic systems. This modality works with a very different area than those which are generally taught.

There are 3 Activations which form this beautiful and very intense system of energy healing and transformation.

  1. The Chumpi Band Activation

The Chumpi Band Activation connects your energy system to the Chumpi Stones and a Chakra Clearing Activation.

  1. The Stone Hands Activation

The Stone Hands Activation gives you an Inner Energetic Boost for both Distant work and Empathic Experiences.

  1. The Double Crystal Skull Activation

The Double Crystal Skull Activation works to help balance your Chakra System for Healing, Clearing and the Removal of all unwanted energies.

For a traditional healing session you will work using the Sacred Mountains Sacred Earth Energy, as you would with any other Energy Healing System such as Reiki. That said, with this healing system you can take things a step further and choose to bring in any or even all of the activations in order to create a tailor-made session that is perfect for yourself or for a client.

Within the manual you will be taught the following:

* The Medicine Wheel of the Inca.

* Ancestor spirit calling flutes.

* Chumpi Stones of the Andes. What they are and their use in healing.

* Andean Stone Healing Hands. Learn why these are perfect for distance work.

* The Mesa Cloth, its use application and purpose.

* Crystal Skulls, what part they play during a healing session.

* The Holy Wood of The Andes, its use and purpose.

* Medicinal plants of Peru for healing and spiritual purposes.

* Inca Hymns, for greater energetic connection.



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