Priest of Excalibur – Solina Grill Mittenhofer



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Highly Energetic System of the New Time.
Initiation into the White Priesthood three paths.

Spirituality of the New Age with Jesus Christ, Angels, Michael, Merlin Nama Ba Shama

Now is the time of completion. Planetary Ascension is imminent, to awaken our memories. These are memories of magic, priesthood, and clear struggle for freedom. Now we can use the magic, white priesthood and Excalibur, which were anchored in the earth, awakening in us leave so we can appear again, in the present time in the Golden Age.

Raises our souls light spheres. All of us are fabulous creatures from the mists of Avalon, from this period of mystery and magic. Be ready to dive into the deepest depths of your soul and bring the energetic turning point to the planet. Feel deep in your heart and soul your divine flame and wake up to what you are.


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