Avalon Soul Healing



A High-Energy Magic system of the Golden Age

Avalon is one of the most important time periods, which has influenced us in our very humanity. Avalon was an era of love and struggle.

Many of us worked as a magician in this mystical dimension of time, Avalon.

In this high energy magic system you will be invited by Merlin the Magician to jump into the time dimension Avalon.

Merlin will guide you, when you’re ready, through the gate of the dimensions, to Avalon. You will immerse yourself in the highest Diamond-Magic to heal and make a journey to your soul.

Sparkling gold light blue Diamond-Light Magic of the highest areas, will gently envelop you and touch your soul deeply and you’ll accomplish your soul’s journey with Merlin, in immeasurable love.

◊ Dimension jump into the time dimension Avalon with Merlin

◊ Cleaning all your body systems with Diamond-Magic

◊ Aura cleaning, Aura healing and Aura strengthening

◊ Merlin perform soul retrieval for you

◊ Soul journey into the deepest depths of your self with Merlin

◊ Soul Healing by Merlin and 7 Diamond Dragons

◊ Your personal celebration – your dance: Soul Healing

◊ Stabilization and Grounding of the energies within you

In this initiation the highest Diamond Magic flows to you



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