Open to Divine Guidance Course




Your Guides and Angels are real; they are higher level entities who are here to translate the infinite love of the Universe/Source of All that Is, Father/Mother God/ in ways that we can receive as humans.

In this world, we have forgotten how to connect with these great spiritual teachers: the ascended Masters that include the Guides and Angels. We tend to think we can do it on our own, without a greater vibrational Source lifting us up to higher possibilities. We often make the mistake of trying to use our rational mind or grasping ego or even our opinions to make decisions, or we ask friends and family for their opinions, or we flit from one psychic/healer/shaman to the next in search of answers.

However, the most profound answers to your most important and pressing concerns are not only within you, but direct connection with the Divine realm is the easiest way receive this guidance.

A close connection to Spirit enhances and enriches life on every level. For every human concern and earthly need there is a spiritual being supporting us on our path. Whether we are aware or not, we are constantly and continuously in sacred communion with the spirit world, the other side, the etheric realm. Learning to communicate with your Divine Guides is one of the more important conversations you’ll ever have because it provides an emotional freedom and depth of joy that you were born to have. We cannot separate ourselves from our true nature.

During the second part of this course you will learn a manifesting technique that can help you to attract money, your higher purpose, joy, or even better health with the help of your Angels. You will also learn how to shift your vibration through guided meditations and visualizations.

If you have been trying for a long time to manifest more money, a better job, or more income only to find yourself still stuck in the same old pattern, then it is possible you could use a little help from the angelic realm this powerful manifesting technique.



Module 1



Module 2

Feed your Spirit

How do you Feed your Spirit?


Module 3

Entering the Spirit World

Four Keys to Enhancing Communication with the Spirit Realm

Sensing your hand’s energies

Breathing Energy into your Hands

Sending Energies out from your Hands


Module 4

Different Types of Guides

High Vibrational Spirit Guides

Types of Spirit Guides

Life Guides

Gatekeeper Guides

Teacher Guides

Timing Guides

Karmic Guides

Creative Guides

Protection Guides

Astral Guides

Joy Guides

Healing Guides

Animal Guides

Messenger Guides


Ascended Masters

Other Guides

Audio:       Healer Guides


Module 5

How to Work with your Guides

What Spirit Guides Can Help You With

Get to Know your Guides

Learn how to extinguish input from your Guides

Audio:       Connecting with Guardians


Module 6

How do Spirit Guides Communicate with Us


Blocks of Thought

A Knowing

Dreams and Meditation

Hearing with the Inner Ear

Hearing with the Outer Ear


Module 7

Spirit Guide Communication through Dreaming

Dream Journaling Exercises


Module 8

Spirit Guides

Meeting your Spirit Guides

Audio:       Meet your Spirit Guide


Module 9

Nature Guides

The Earth Spirits

The Water Spirits

The Air Spirits

The Fire Spirits


Module 10

Animal Guides

Totem and Spirit Animals

Spirit Animal Messengers

How to Find your Personal Power Animal

Meditation to Meet your Animal Guides


Module 11


The Power of the Angels

The Nine Angelic Choirs

Sensing the Presence of Angels

Angelic Signs and Calling Cards

Invoking Angels

Purging Anger

Angels in Everyday Life

Guardian Angels

How you can Connect with your Angels

How do Angels Communicate with Us?

Beginning to Contact your Angels

What if I don’t feel a Connection?

The Power of Asking

Working with Others’ Guardian Angels

Angel Names

Meditation to Meet your Guardian Angels

Archangels and the 7 Rays

Audio:       Chat about Angels

Guardian Angels


Module 12

Ascended Masters


The Seven Chohans

Audio:       Ascended Masters Meditation

Ascended Masters Talk


Module 13

Writing to your Guides

How to do Automatic Writing


Module 14

How to Contact your Guides

Meditation to Meet your Spirit Guide

Audio:       How may I Serve?


Module 15

Using Oracle Cards to Contact your Guides

How to Use your Deck


Module 16

Crystals for Spirit Guide Communication

Connecting to the Spirit Realms

Grounding your Energies Afterwards


Module 17

Attract Money with the Angels

Soul Agreements

Self-love and Self-worth

How Angels Communicate

The Basics of Receiving your Angel

Raising your Vibration


Audio:        Attract Money with the Angels – 4 audio


Module 18

Clearing Limiting Beliefs

Having Money

Clearing Old Belief Systems

Loyalties to your Beliefs

Forgiveness and Receiving Money

Visualizations and your Heart Center

Practice 1 Becoming aware of Old Beliefs with your Angel’s assistance

Practice 2 Forgiveness Exercise

Practice 3 Magnetizing Money



Module 19

Creating a Life of Abundance, Flow and Harmony

Magnetizing and Creating a Beautiful Life

Creating Beautiful Forms to Attract Money

The Power of Questions to Expand Your Consciousness and Receive Infinite Possibilities

Clearing Your Personal Space

The Power of Music and Lyrics




Module 20

Five Steps to Abundance

Definition of Abundance and Prosperity

Step into the Flow of Abundance in your Life

Trust and Know

Take Action

Be Grateful

Pass it On

How to Generate More Abundance in Your Life


Spirit Guide Journey Activations

Angel Contact

Angel of Peace

Angel Stones

Angels of Healing

Ascended Masters



Raising your Vibration with the Angels

Guided Morning Meditation

Meditation with the Angels to Remove Entities and Dark Energies


Spirit Guide Journey Activations

Angel Contact

Angel of Peace

Angel Stones

Angels of Healing

Ascended Masters













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