Ultimate Reiki 1



Includes Usui Reiki to Master/Teacher level so suitable for both newcomers and experienced teachers

  • Are you a Reiki Teacher or Practitioner looking to broaden and widen your experiences of working with different energy systems?
  • Are you a newcomer to energy healing and Reiki wishing to learn as many different systems as you possibly can?
  • Are you looking to set up your own Reiki Training School or Website?
  • If so, please read on as the following package could be the one you are looking for.


As an experienced Reiki teacher, I have been trained in many different modalities of Reiki and other energy systems. Over the years I have found that this has become my energy toolbox and I can combine the different energies and teachings to work in my own unique way. People often ask why some teachers or practitioners decide to learn so many different systems and I personally feel that experiencing different flavours of energy healing can encourage us to work in our own best way.

Each system is a standalone modality and can be shared with your own students or just worked with for your own personal use.

Once you have received your attunements, you are then able to teach and attune your own students – either in person or distantly and you can also set up your own Reiki website to offer your services. Please note that websites are your own responsibility to create and pay for – I do have details of a free website building company to start your own site.

All of the courses listed below are included in this package – each and every course is to teacher level enabling you to teach your own students.

To purchase each course individually would cost hundreds of pounds however I believe that Reiki and energy healing should be available to all at an affordable price.

As everything is online, I am able to keep the cost to an affordable level.

Value of package in excess of $934 / R12 321

This package contains 41 manuals – some systems have more than one manual

The stand-alone cost of each manual is shown after each item, should you wish to purchase them separately

  1. Reiki 1 to master’s $150 / R2 200
  2. Akashic Records Flush £19 / $25
  3. Amara-Omni Attunement £40 / $52
  4. Angel Light £5 / $7
  5. Angel Stones £13 / $17
  6. Angelic Empowerments $110 / R1 600
  7. Attraction Reiki £60 / $79
  8. Aura Flush £13 / $29
  9. Bear Reiki £27 / $35
  10. Mental Flush £13 / $29
  11. Deep Healing Reiki £22 / $29
  12. Elemental Reiki £21 / $28
  13. Elven Shamanic Healing https://sunshineuni-uk.com/product/elven-shamanic-healing/ £29 /$38
  14. Empowerment Reiki £31 / $41
  15. Etheric Cord Flush £13 / $29
  16. Excalibur Reiki £22 / $29
  17. Fairy Light £15 / $20
  18. Full Spectrum Healing £22 / $29
  19. Gold Reiki £22 / $29
  20. Golden Ray Empowerment £40 / $52
  21. Golden Star Activation £27 / $35
  22. Green Tara Seichim https://sunshineuni-uk.com/product/green-tara-seichim/£29 / $38
  23. Happy Reiki £22 / $29
  24. Imara Reiki £22 / $29
  25. Inner Beauty Attunement £27 / $35
  26. Inner Light Reiki £27 / $35
  27. Inner Sun Reiki £49 / $64
  28. Karmic Reiki £49 / $64
  29. Ki Manna £31 / $41
  30. Kundalini Reiki & Boosters £39 / $51
  31. Etheric clearings 1 – 4 https://sunshineuni-uk.com/product/etheric-clearings/ £70 / $92

Angelic Empowerments

The Angelic Empowerments are designed to assist you to connect more strongly with the energies of the Angelic Realm and to prepare your physical body and energy system for deeply connected individual work with the angels.

The following connections are included in the empowerments :

~ Connection with your Guardian Angel including meditation

~First Triad of the Celestial Hierarchy


~ Cherubim

~ Thrones

~ Second Triad of the Celestial Hierarchy

~ Dominions

~ Virtues

~ Powers

~ Third Triad of the Celestial Hierarchy

~ Principalities

~ Archangels – including

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Auriel, Raguel, Sariel, Remial, Jeremiel, Chamuel, Metatron, Zadkiel, Raziel, Jophiel, Azrael, Sandalphon, Haniel, Ariel and much more.

You will receive ~

5 Distance empowerments which convey all of the above connections and enable you to share this system with others.

Elven Shamanic Healing

Elven Shamanic Healing comes from the Elven realms and is a natural form of healing. This attunement will connect you with the Elven, or Elf energy and help you learn how the elves can assist you with healing using herbs and other natural energies.

The attunement was channeled by Violet, she received these mantras and symbols via 2 Elven Gods. You will lean about these Elven Gods in the manual. You will also learn how to ask for assistance in working with the Elven Shaman Healing via these Elven Gods.

The manual contains information about herbs their uses and how to apply them energetically. It will also attune you to certain herbs so that you can use them in your energy work, even if you do not have them physically present with you at the moment.

The manual and attunements are very powerful and great for those that are ready to connect with the Elven Realms.

The manual also contains:
Elven History
Elven Gods
Symbols & Definitions
Healing Techniques
Herbal Techniques
Herbs and their Uses
Receiving Attunements
Passing Elven Shamanic Healing Attunements

Green Tara Seichim

The Green Tara Seichim attunement aims to provide a powerful combination of Seichim energies with the peaceful, healing and compassionate energies of Green Tara.

The amazing energies of Seichim and Green Tara complement each other beautifully. Green Tara, a bodhisattva (a being of great compassion who has reached Buddhahood for the good of all beings), is a much loved and powerful deity. She is said to be able to prevent suffering rebirth, grant wishes, assist you in reaching enlightenment etc. She is very compassionate, and this is felt strongly in her energies.

Green Tara Seichim comes with a detailed and well thought out manual that covers some of the following topics:

What Is Green Tara Seichim?

What Is Seichim?

Ancient Origins

Seichim and Buddhism

Margot “Deepa” Slater . . . Shares Her Story

An Introduction to Green Tara

Origin of the Cult of Tara

Her Name

More Than One Tara? The Two Wives

Green Tara

Relation to Amitabha

White Tara

The Mantra for White Tara

About the Tara Mantras

The Practice of Tara (after Ven. Sangye Khadro)

Who Is Tara and Why Do We Pray to Her?

The Origin of Tara

Why Do We Need to Practice Tara (by Lama Zopa Rinpoche)

The Benefits of Tara Practice (by Lama Zopa Rinpoche)

Green Tara and the Twenty-One Taras

The Symbolism of Green Tara

From the Teachings of Ven. Lama Thubten Yeshe

The Twenty-One Taras

The Mantra of Tara

Green Tara Heart Exercise

The Popular Mantras of Some Forms of Tara

Other Popular Forms of Tara

Kurukulle (Wrathful Red/Black Tara)

Norgyun (Peaceful Yellow Tara)

Marici (Peaceful Red/Yellow Tara)

Red Tara (Peaceful Red Tara)

The Process of Using Green Tara Seichim

Symbols to Use with the Green Tara Healing Energy

Self-Empowerment Method

Attunement Method

Synergy Reiki Method of Green Tara Empowerment

Tibetan Reiju Empowerment Method

Praises and Requests to the Twenty-One Taras


Etheric Clearings 1 – 4

This energy stream works by giving you the spiritual tools that you can use to easily and effortlessly raise your personal vibrational frequencies as well as assisting everyone who wishes to work on themselves, their clients or loved ones, easily and effortlessly and by doing so, they are also assisting humanity and the planet as a whole. The Etheric Clearing Attunement Sequences are very powerful in the way it works for any individual who is a sensitive or hypersensitive but wish to remain clear and peaceful when it comes to unconsciously taking on other people’s stuff. It also helps to release hundreds of self-build programs such as fear, blame, anger etc.


Level 1 – Etheric Clearing Attunement

You can clear/purge things like:

* Anger, Rage, Resentment, Anxiety and Fear.

* Home, Car, Real-Estate, Property and Healing/world service spaces and Places.

* Crystals and all personal belongings.

* Chakra and Aura Clearing.

* Less-Than-Love Cords, Hooks Beings and influences.

* Clearing your pets.

* Programs and beliefs around unworthiness and hundreds of other negative and disempowering beliefs.

Level 2 – Entity Removal Attunement

Your level 2 attunement is designed for the removal of all negative entities which are around you or have been sent to you by another person. The removal of intrusive spirits or intrusive energy which have invaded the soul of someone and has integrated within can cause many emotional and physical pain and illness.  Possible signs:

* Feeling lost, stuck, or unable to move on.

* Unable to let go of the past hurts.

* Unable to control own emotions or thought.

* Feeling betrayed, abandoned and left out.

* Feeling not whole without someone else and needy of someone else.

* Feeling depressed, overly stressed and anxious

* Feeling empty, devastated, self-hating

* Feeling emotionally numb, crippled and torn apart

* Feeling without power to change own life

The Entity Removal Attunements can help to clear and release thee entities from within and around you plus it will also help you to help remove these astral entities from others.

Level 3 – Implant Removal Attunement

This attunement can help with the following :

* Defusing the implants.

* Clearing the implants.

* Clears imprints and cellular memory of the implants once defused and removed.

* Releasing and clearing cords and hooks connected to the implants.

* Repairs holes and closes portals.

* Clears the genetic lines connected to the implants that were removed.

Level 4 – Master Space Clearing

The Master Space Clearing is an attunement system of cleansing and consecrating spaces. It is a profound and highly effective technique that you can use for clearing and revitalizing the energy within your home, office, schools, and hospitals or anywhere you are going to be. Just as you clear your home to keep the physical space looking and feeling positive you must also clear your environment of any stale or negative energies. Master Space Clearing is also highly effective for clearing your energy body emotional body and personal relationships.

Once you have received the attunements you are able to pass them on to others.




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