Sacred Source Vibration Empowerment


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Sacred Source Vibration Empowerment

Sacred Source Vibration Empowerment is a high energy system that connects you to Sacred Source Energy for healing, renewal and cleansing.

The energies of this system were gifted to me recently when I was feeling a little flat and worn out. The energies immediately lifted my vibration and flooded through me, helping dissolve all negative energies and filling me with renewed vitality and a deep connection to Source. I could feel Source energy vibrating through my whole being, every part of me immersed in this powerful wave of pure love and light.

When the energies are activated the flow of energy from Source moves through all your energy fields and layers. The energy flows down through all your chakras and out through your earth star chakra, leaving you feeling completely refreshed and rejuvenated. Sacred Source Vibration dissolves any negative, stagnant energies, attachments and blocks that it encounters along the way and pushes them through and out to Gaia for her to transmute them to light.

Uses of System
Sacred Source Vibration can be activated;
-when you feel worn out (physically, emotionally or spiritually)
-when there are low energies present
-to energize and lift your vibration
-to renew your energies
-to rejuvenate, refresh and stimulate
-to re-connect with Source energy
-to cleanse all energy fields and chakras
-to remove negative, stagnant energies
-when self-healing, doing meditation
-before healing others to lift and super charge your vibration to help you be a strong conduit for Source energy.



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