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Sufi Reiki was created by Reiki Sufi Master Sami Pajunen in Finland at the end of 1999. Reiki Sufi was introduced to Indonesia by Mr. Fajar Isbandi with the help of the first few Reiki Sufi Masters including Rudi, Eko Yuwono, Edys Susanto , Hikam, Rachmat Hanafi, Adi Setiawan,Andry,  and others.

Sufi Reiki is a Reiki that accesses Sufistic energy by the moment method. The aim of the energy is to enable the practitioner of Sufi Reiki to become a spiritually enlightened person who is also able to do healing for him/herself as well as for others.

Sufi Reiki has 3 levels followed by the band attunements. The Usui Reiki symbols may be used after the second attunements , however many Sufi Reiki Masters do not use any symbols. It is hoped that when the Sufi Reiki practitioner has completed the 3 levels of attunement that all the chakras are well expanded and the energy fields are clean and there are no blocks .The ego should be less and is replaced by a heightened awareness and this is manifested as patience, calmness and a greater wisdom in handling life situations. At this stage, the higher attunements are taken, that is, the Band attunements.

The Band attunements are equivalent to what is known as Shing Chi for other Reiki types..The Band attunements result in a higher energy level in terms of quality and quantity. The bands are actually unlimited, and they open the upper chakra levels that are also unlimited. The purpose of the band attunements is to enable the practitioner to achieve a spiritual awareness that comes from the Kundalini energy entering the crown chakra.



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