Shakti Tumo Reiki



Shakti Tumo Reiki, Founder Sastra Vardhana

Shakti means power or power of energy. In the Hindu concept, Shakti is the manifestation of God in the feminine aspect, sometimes is also called “Mother Divine”.

Shakti follows the nature of what is active, the dynamic principle of force. Shakti is the source of energy, infinite power at the base of creation.

Tumo Shakti Reiki is a variant of Reiki combining the power of Shakti, the burning fire gTummo, Kundalini Reiki and traditional make a great system.

Shakti represents the mastery of all aspects pleasant and burning energy, and the harmonious organization of the universal energy that is constantly in action since the Creation of the Universe. All realities, all combined plans were created by Shakti, energy source Unitarian.

The unification of these three systems has led SHAKTI TUMO Reiki, which is a type of Reiki is extremely powerful ability to treat many health problems, whether physical or psychological.

Tumo Shakti Reiki has no symbol, but it is possible to use those traditional Reiki or gTummo.

This type of Reiki is very active in cleaning Chakras and nadis, it strengthens the body’s physical endurance and the various subtle bodies.

Shakti Tumo Reiki is

  • Activation Strength of Universe Shakti and Shakti in body
  • Activation Strength Fire of Tumo coming from three dot energies namely bottom tantien, middle and top until level 2
  • Activation Strength of Kundalini
  • Activation Strength of System Yin Yang of body so happened stability Yin energy and yang in our body
  • Activation Source of Energy Reiki
  • Activation of pineal and pituitary gland to increase strength of concentration
  • Open and Activate 7 especial disc, 358 especial disc, and 72000 nadi in body



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