Akashic Crystal Of The Earth Activation



Founder: Daniela Schiroli, 2020

Prerequisite: None

Every person has a piece of their soul that falls away when they incarnate on earth which is believed to be stored in the center of the Earth. This then becomes a crystalline structure that grows with each person’s experiences as they come back to incarnate into another lifetime. It is tied to these specific incarnations on Gaia and programmed to be a memory crystal of all that occurs. To access its information is necessary to meditate with Archangel Raziel, who holds the keys to the crystals. He writes and updates the memories of every living being in their crystal, minute by minute.

With access to your crystal, you can find out about the following and much more: 

* Your Karma

* Past lives with your talents and gifts

* The purpose of life here and now

You will also be granted several blessings while working with this attunement which include: 

* Greater serenity and awareness

* More clarity and focus

* Recomposition of the parts of you

* Unconditional love, compassion and tolerance

* Opening channels of communication with the divine

* The ability to see beyond, to remember and to use your latent talents.