Kapuna Healing 1 – 4



Kapuna Healing System Workshop and Course Founder: Sheryl Carter (founder of Mao’he’o Healing System).

This course will cover some of the basics of Huna and Wicca. Kapuna Healing is a unique blend of old teachings.  The Teachings of Huna; Native Traditions. Kapuna Healing is devoted to bringing back the teachings of the Kapuna.

Kapuna Healing fosters the revitalization, growth and exchange of traditional knowledge and the earth-based wisdom of people who have for centuries lived in harmony with their environment and has much to offer the modern world.

Practitioners of Kapuna Healing bring healing first to themselves and then to their families, to their ancestors and ultimately to the Earth.

Kapuna Healing is a unique blend of the old teachings. The teachings of Huna; Native Traditions.  Kapuna healing works with all aspects of our being to promote enhanced self-awareness and spiritual growth.   This system of self-healing consists of 4 levels. With each level you are given the attunement to open your system to the energy and symbols, each attunement helps to open and focus your energy more. Each level is given a minimum of a week apart.



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