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Activating The Angels Of The Heart – Angel of Love, Angel of Wisdom, Angel of Power : 3-Fold Flame Meditation

Angel Oracle Card Journal

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Dream Journal (130 pages)

I Believe in Angels Affirmation Journal (40 pages)

Spreading your Wings – Living and Working with the Angels (87 pages)

Welcome to the “Angelic Energy Work and Protection” Course

Embark on a transformative journey into the Celestial realms of Angelic Beings. This comprehensive course offers an in-depth exploration of Angelic energies and their interaction with the human aura, providing you with powerful tools for protection, energy clearing, and Spiritual growth.

Course Overview

Discover the multifaceted world of Angels, these emissaries of the Divine, as they serve as Guardians, Guides, and channels of Universal Consciousness. This course unveils the secrets of engaging with these powerful beings to enhance your Spiritual well-being.

Key Highlights

  • Understanding Angelic Beings: Delve into the nature of Angels, transcending physical perception to grasp their multi-dimensional essence.
  • The Purpose of Angels: Learn about the Guardian Angels, their role in our lives as protectors and caretakers of human Souls.
  • Engaging with Angels: Master the art of inviting Angelic presence into your life for guidance and protection.
  • Angelic Signatures: Recognize and attune to the unique vibrational signatures of different Angels.
  • Angels and Human Energies: Explore how Angels can influence and cleanse our energy fields.

In-Depth Modules Include:

  1. Foundations of Energy: Understanding human energy fields, chakras, and how they interact with Angelic energies.
  2. Connecting with Your Guardian Angel: Techniques for establishing and enhancing communication with your Guardian Angel.
  3. Essentials of Angelic Energy Clearing: Deep dive into methods for clearing negative energies with Angelic help.
  4. Angelic Protection Rituals: Learn to create powerful rituals for personal, home, and relationship protection.
  5. Archangel Michael – Your Spiritual Protector: Specific practices for invoking Archangel Michael’s protective energies.
  6. Angelic Chakra Clearing for Balance and Protection: Techniques for aligning and clearing your chakras with Angelic assistance.
  7. Overcoming Spiritual Blocks with Angelic Guidance: Identifying and releasing Spiritual obstacles through Angelic intervention.
  8. Daily Practices for Angelic Protection: Integrating Angelic protection into your everyday life.
  9. Advanced Angelic Shielding Techniques: Building multi-layered Angelic protection for deeper defense.
  10. Angelic Symbols and Sigils for Protection: Crafting and utilizing Angelic symbols and sigils for enhanced protection.

What You Will Gain:

  • Deep Understanding: Gain profound insights into the nature and purpose of Angelic beings.
  • Practical Skills: Learn practical techniques for energy clearing, protection, and Spiritual growth.
  • Personal Transformation: Experience personal transformation through regular Angelic engagement.
  • Community Support: Join a community of like-minded individuals on a similar Spiritual path.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Spiritual Seekers: Anyone looking to deepen their understanding and connection with the Angelic realm.
  • Energy Healers: Practitioners who wish to incorporate Angelic energy into their healing work.
  • Anyone Seeking Protection: Individuals looking for powerful methods to protect themselves energetically.

Embrace this opportunity to transform your life with the guidance and wisdom of the Angels. Sign up for “Angelic Energy Work and Protection” today and embark on a journey to a more protected, enlightened, and harmonious existence.

Expanded Course Outline

Angels are regarded as the emissaries of the Divine, existing within the Celestial realms as Beings of pure energy and light. They are the conduits through which the Divine communicates and interacts with the world of form. In various Spiritual traditions, Angels serve as protectors, Guides and heralds of the Universal Consciousness.

Nature of Angelic Beings

To understand Angels, one must transcend the limitations of physical perception. Angels are not restricted by the boundaries of time and space as we understand them. They are multi-dimensional, able to touch our lives gently yet with transformative force. They do not possess free will as humans do; instead, they are extensions of the Divine will, acting in perfect harmony with Cosmic law.

The Purpose of Angels

The purpose of Angelic Beings is manifold, but they are chiefly known as Guardians and caretakers of human Souls. They offer guidance, comfort and, pertinent to this course, assistance in clearing and protecting energies. Each Soul is believed to be watched over by a Guardian Angel, a personal Celestial Ally on the path of life.

Engaging with Angels

Engagement with Angelic Beings is achieved through intention, purity of heart and a desire to align with the Divine will. It is a gentle process that begins with the invitation and evolves into a harmonious relationship that nurtures our Spiritual development.



Angelic Signatures

Each Angelic Being also carries a unique vibrational signature. This can be perceived through names, symbols or a sensed presence that is distinct and deeply personal. Learning to recognize and attune to these signatures is part of the art of Angelic interaction.

Angels and Human Energies

Angels interact with our energy fields in subtle, yet profound ways. They can help us in cleansing our aura, chakras and even our physical environments from lower energies, replacing them with Divine light that promotes healing, clarity and protection.

Angelic Beings are ever-present, benevolent forces waiting for our call. They respect our free will and thus require our conscious invitation to assist in our lives. As we move forward, we will learn how to call upon these Celestial helpers not just in times of need, but as constant companions on our Spiritual path.

Defenders Against Lower Vibrations

The world is filled with a spectrum of energies, some of which can be detrimental to our Spiritual progress and inner peace. Angels act as defenders, shielding us from negative influences and psychic attacks that might otherwise deplete or taint our energetic integrity.

Module 1


Introduction to Angelic Realms

Understanding Angelic Beings

Angels: The Divine Emissaries

Nature of Angelic Beings The Purpose of Angels

Angelic Hierarchy

The First Sphere: The Celestial Counselors

Seraphim: The Flames of Purity Cherubim: The Keepers of Celestial Records

Thrones: The Wheels of Divine Justice

The Second Sphere: The Celestial Governors

Dominions: Divine Bureaucracy

Virtues: The Spirits of Motion

Powers: The Bearers of Conscience

The Third Sphere: The Celestial Messengers

Principalities: The Guardians of Nations

Archangels: The Divine Messengers

Angels: The Divine Companions Engaging with Angels Angelic Signatures Angels and Human Energies The Role of Angels in Energy Work

Guides in Energy Healing

Catalysts for Energetic Balance

Defenders Against Lower Vibrations

Facilitators of Energy Clearance Overview of Angelic Protection and Energy Clearing

Angelic Protection: A Sacred Shield

Creating a Fortress of Light

Daily Practices for Maintaining Divine Safeguard

Energy Clearing: A Ritual of Purity Angelic Clearing Techniques Transformative Power of Angelic Clearing Opening Ritual: Invoking the Guardians of Light: Setting the Tone for the Cosmic Voyage of Angelic protection

Embarking on the Cosmic Voyage of Angelic Protection


Module 2 – Foundations of Energy

Exploring the Human Energy Field

The Chakras: Centers of Spiritual Power

The Meridians: Pathways of Life Force

The Etheric Body: Blueprint of Physical Vitality

The Emotional Body: The Vessel of Feelings

The Mental Body: The Sphere of Thoughts

The Astral Body: The Bridge to Higher Consciousness

The Spiritual Layers: The Celestial Connection

How Negative Energies Affect Us

External Influences on the Aura

Emotional Dissonance

Mental Turbulence

Physical Manifestations

Spiritual Stagnation

Interpersonal Disharmony

Energetic Vulnerabilities

Navigating the Impact


Module 3 – Connecting with your Guardian Angel

The Purpose and Potential Benefits of Connecting with Your Guardian Angel in Angelic Energy Clearing and Protection

Purpose of Connecting with Your Guardian Angel

Potential Benefits of This Connection

Establishing a Connection

Communicating for Guidance

Enhancing the Connection

Recognizing Their Presence

Expressing Gratitude

Communication Techniques with Your Guardian Angel

Direct Prayer and Invocation



Interpreting Responses from Your Guardian Angel

Understanding Signs

Dream Analysis

Intuition and Inner Voice

Building a Lasting Connection with Your Guardian Angel

Regular Practice

Developing Trust and Patience

Incorporating Lessons and Guidance

Rituals to Invite Guardian Angel Communication

Lighting Candles

Burning Incense

Playing Soft Music

Using Crystals

Creating a Sacred Space

Reflection and Gratitude: Concluding Your Communication Session

Moment of Reflection

Expressing Gratitude

Journaling as a Form of Reflection and Gratitude

Integrating Gratitude into Daily Life


Module 4 – Essentials of Angelic Energy Clearing

Understanding Negative Energies

Seeking Angelic Assistance

Techniques for Angelic Energy Clearing

Incorporating Crystals

Meditation and Prayer

Preparation for Angelic Guided Meditation

Steps in Angelic Guided Meditation

Post-Meditation Practices

Additional Tips

Maintaining a Clear Energy Field

Reflection and Journaling

Expressing Gratitude

Simple Daily Practices for Maintaining a Clear Energy Field

Grounding Exercises

Energy Shielding

Mindful Breathing

Regular Cleansing Rituals

Positive Affirmations

Mindful Movement

Healthy Diet and Hydration

Meditation and Quiet Time

Regular Sleep Patterns


Module 5 – Angelic Protection Rituals” with bullet points for clarity

Angelic Protection Rituals: Invoking Celestial Guardianship in Life

Ritual 1: Personal Protection

Ritual 2: Home Protection

Ritual 3: Emotional and Mental Protection

Ritual 4: Protection in Travel

Ritual 5: Protection in Relationships

Creating and Consecrating a Space for Angelic Protection

Step 1: Choosing Your Space

Step 2: Setting Up Your Space

Step 3: Consecrating the Space

Step 4: Maintaining the Sacred Space


Module 6 – Archangel Michael – Your Spiritual Protector

Understanding Archangel Michael

Connecting with Archangel Michael

Implementing Archangel Michael’s Protection in Daily Life

Specific Rituals and Practices

Archangel Michael in Times of Challenge

Reflection and Journaling

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

Specific Prayers and Meditations for Archangel Michael for Protection

Creating a Protective Atmosphere


Module 7 – Angelic Chakra Clearing for Balance and Protection

Understanding Chakras and Angelic Energies

Preparing for the Clearing

The Clearing Process

Connecting with Each Chakra

Specific Chakra Meditations for Energy Protection

Archangels and the Chakras: A Comprehensive Guide

Engaging with Archangels for Chakra Balancing


Module 8 – Overcoming Spiritual Blocks with Angelic Guidance

Understanding Spiritual Blocks

Seeking Angelic Assistance

Identifying Spiritual Blocks

Releasing Spiritual Blocks

Integrating the Lessons

Maintaining Clear Energy

Techniques to Strengthen Your Spiritual Shield

Grounding Exercises

Regular Meditation and Prayer

Visualization Techniques

Invoking Divine Assistance

Use of Protective Crystals

Energy Cleansing Practices

Chakra Balancing and Healing

Mindful Awareness and Self-Care

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Regular Review and Adaptation


Module 9 – Daily Practices for Angelic Protection

Morning Invocation

Angelic Shield Visualization

Carry Angelic Symbols

Angelic Affirmations Throughout the Day

Evening Gratitude

Creating an Angelic Space

Angelic Meditation

Incorporating Angelic Energy in Decision Making

Continuous Engagement with Angelic Energy for Everyday Protection

Morning Rituals

Integrating Angelic Presence in Daily Activities

Angelic Affirmations

Protective Angelic Visualization

Conversations with Angels

Evening Review and Gratitude

Angelic Protection during Sleep

Regular Energy Clearing

Learning and Growing with Angels

Adapting to Life’s Changes


Module 10 – Advanced Angelic Shielding Techniques

Multi-Layered Angelic Shielding

Dynamic Angelic Shield Activation

Angelic Sigil Incorporation

Collaborative Angelic Shielding

Chakra-Specific Angelic Shielding

Angelic Shield Maintenance and Reinforcement

Integration of Angelic Mantras

Angelic Energy Infusion

Angelic Protection in Dreamwork

Continuous Angelic Connection

Protecting Your Energy in Challenging Environments

Grounding Techniques

Energy Shielding

Controlled Breathing

Intention Setting

Limiting Exposure

Cleansing After Exposure

Emotional Detachment

Use of Crystals

Regular Self-Care and Reflection


Module 11 – Angelic Symbols and Sigils for Protection

Understanding Angelic Symbols and Sigils

Identifying Angelic Symbols and Sigils

Using Angelic Symbols for Protection

Incorporating Sigils in Rituals

Regular Use and Maintenance

Creating Personal Sigils with the Guidance of Angels

Preparing for Sigil Creation

Steps in Creating Personal Sigils

Charging and Activating the Sigil

Using Your Personal Sigil

Regular Renewal and Reconnection

A Sigil I created for Archangel Michael


Module 12 – Angelic Assistance in Energy Clearing

Understanding Angelic Energy

Preparing for Angelic Energy Clearing

Cleansing the Physical Space

Invoking Angelic Assistance

Techniques for Angelic Energy Clearing

Chanting or Affirmations

Post-Clearing Practices

Regular Practice

Clearing Lingering Negative Energies from Your Environment

Understanding the Source of Negative Energies

Initial Preparation

Techniques for Clearing Negative Energies


Essential Oils

Maintaining a Cleansed Environment

Reflecting and Documenting

Regularly clearing your environment of negative energies is a key practice in maintaining a healthy harmonious living space


Module 13 – Manifesting Safety and Wellness with Angels

Understanding the Role of Angels in Safety and Wellness

Angelic Attributes

Specific Angels for Safety and Wellness

Setting Intentions with Angelic Assistance

Clarity of Purpose

Invoking Angels

Techniques for Manifesting with Angelic Support


Angel Invocations

Creating an Angelic Altar


Using Angelic Symbols

Angel-Themed Meditations

Energetic Practices

Lifestyle Integration for Continuous Angelic Support

Mindful Living

Healthy Habits

Continuous Communication

Acknowledging Angelic Presence

Reflecting and Acting on Angelic Guidance


Acting on Guidance

Aligning Your Intentions with Divine Guidance for Protection

Understanding the Importance of Alignment

Divine Plan

Intention and Action

Steps for Aligning Intentions with Divine Guidance

Self-Reflection Clear Intentions Prayer and Meditation

Listening to Intuition

Seeking Signs

Practices for Enhanced Divine Connection

Regular Spiritual Practice


Spiritual Study

Community Connection

Mindfulness and Presence

Nurturing Trust in Divine Protection



Gratitude Practice

Reflection and Adjustment

Assessing Alignment

Responsiveness to Change


Module 14 – Angelic Protection in Dreams and Astral Travel

Understanding the Need for Angelic Protection

Techniques for Safe and Protected Spiritual Travels

Understanding the Nature of Spiritual Travels

Preparing for Spiritual Travels

Setting Intentions

Invoking Protection

Calling on Protective Forces

Techniques During Spiritual Travel

Returning from Spiritual Travel

Grounding Post-Travel

Regular Practice and Learning

Building Experience

Community Engagement


Module 15 – Interpreting Angelic Messages

Recognizing Angelic Messages

Interpreting the Messages

Reflective Meditation

Seeking Confirmation

Heed Warnings

Embrace Positive Changes

Regular Practice

Openness and Trust

Developing Intuition to Recognize Protective Messages

Understanding Intuition

Sources of Intuitive Messages

Mindfulness Practice

Listening to Your Body

Enhancing Intuition

Trust and Act on Your Intuition

Seeking Feedback

Identifying Warning Signs

Balance with Rational Thought


Module 16 – Angelic Rituals for Family and Home Protection

Understanding the Role of Angels in Protection

Preparing for the Ritual

Conducting the Ritual

Invoking the Angels

Placing Crystals

Affirmations for Protection

Regular Practice

Routine Rituals

Involve Family Members

Maintaining the Sacred Space

Additional Practices for Ongoing Protection

Angel Sigils

Prayers at Bedtime

Spiritual Education

Responsive Adjustments


Module 17 – The Role of Archangels in Energy Work

Archangel Michael: The Protector

Archangel Raphael: The Healer

Archangel Gabriel: The Messenger

Archangel Uriel: The Illuminator

Archangel Chamuel: The Seeker of Peace

Archangel Jophiel: The Beautifier

Archangel Zadkiel: The Angel of Mercy

Working with Archangels in Energy Work

Affirmations and Intentions


The role of Archangels in energy work is profound and multi-faceted. Each Archangel brings specific energies and attributes that can significantly enhance your healing and protective practices


Module 18 – Angelic Protection During Life Transitions

Understanding Life Transitions

Establishing Angelic Connection

Utilizing Angelic Symbols

Adapting Rituals for Transition

Engaging with Specific Archangels

Visualization Techniques

Maintaining Angelic protection during life transitions

Understanding the Spiritual Implications of Transitions

Heightened Sensitivity

Emotional Fluctuations

Establishing a Strong Spiritual Foundation

Grounding Practices

Regular Cleansing

Protective Visualizations

Seeking Divine Assistance

Prayer and Meditation

Connecting with Spiritual Guides

Affirmations for Protection

Cultivating a Resilient Spiritual Environment

Create a Sacred Space

Spiritual Community Support

Maintaining Spiritual Hygiene

Adapting Practices to Transition Phases

Flexible Rituals

Staying Attuned to Needs

Journaling for Insight

Balancing Practicality with Spirituality

Practical Measures

Integration of Mind Body and Spirit

Ensuring continuous Spiritual safety during transitions


Module 19 – Angelic Grounding and Centering Techniques

Understanding Angelic Grounding

Preparing for Angelic Grounding

Grounding Techniques

Rooting with Angelic Presence

Focusing on the Heart Center

Engaging in an Angel-led meditation

Quiet and Comfortable Space

Candles or Soft Lighting

Journal and Pen

Regular Practice for Enhanced Connection

Expanding the Practice


Module 20 – Integration and Continuous Practice

Reflecting on the Journey

Journaling and Documentation

Assessing Changes and Growth

Identifying Challenges and Learning

Continuous Practice

Daily Rituals

Setting Regular Times for Engagement

Incorporating Angelic Guidance into Decision Making

Integration into Daily Life

Angelic Reminders

Sharing the Experience

Mindful Awareness

Adaptation and Flexibility

Evolving Practices

Responding to Life Changes

Advanced Practices

Participating in Workshops or Retreats

Exploring Angelic Studies

Teaching Others

Regular Review and Renewal

Periodic Assessments

Renewing Intentions

Seeking New Insights


Module 21 – Archangel Synopsis


Module 22 – Angel Card Reading for Protection

An Angel Card reading for protection

Invoke Angelic Presence

Conducting the Reading

Card 3 offers guidance on how to enhance your protection

Reveal the Cards

Closing the Reading

Thank Angelic Beings

Act on Guidance


Module 23 – Angelic Journal

Journal: Angelic Energy Work and Protection: An introduction to the journal designed to accompany the Angelic Energy Work and Protection course, including prompts for reflection and deepening the connection with the Angelic realm​​.

Section 1: Engaging with Guardian Angels: Focused on interactions and experiences with Guardian Angels​​.

Section 2: Angelic Invocation for Protection: Dedicated to the practice of invoking Angelic beings for protection​​.

Section 3: Angelic Rituals for Family and Home: Concerning rituals that involve Angelic energies for safeguarding family and home​​.

Section 4: Continuous Angelic Connection: Emphasizing the importance of maintaining an ongoing connection with the Angelic realm​


Module 24 – 7-Day Angelic Alignment Challenge

Day 1: Initiation into Angelic Presence​​.

Day 2: Cultivating Sacred Space​​.

Day 3: Emotional Release with Angelic Support​​.

Day 4: Angelic Protection Practices​​.

Day 5: Integrating Angelic Guidance​​.

Day 6: Harmonizing with Angelic Frequencies​​.

Day 7: Embodying Angelic Qualities​​.

Closing of Challenge: A closing ritual on the final night, including expressing gratitude to the Angels and committing to continue the practices and insights gained