Rites & Ceremonies (optional: Become an Ordained Metaphysical Minister)



Ceremonies offer us a wonderful way of celebrating and remembering the important times in our experience of growing to maturity, making partnerships, having children, coping with old age, and ultimately, marking our deaths. They allow us to open channels to the spiritual world and to express our joy and thanks for being alive, but also to rid ourselves of negative influences that can bring on stress, fatigue and illness.

Through the ceremonies described in this manual, you can articulate your personal beliefs, irrespective of whether you conform to an orthodox religion, a nature-based spirituality, or possess no formal belief at all. We can practise our own rites of passage and offer tokens of appeasement or gratitude to whatever spiritual forces are part of our lives without belonging to any religious organization or institution.

You can be inventive in your ceremonies – they need not come from any specific culture or religion, other than your own creative imagination! All that is demanded of you is that you keep it within the law and also within reasonable confines of propriety – lighting a bonfire and dancing around it naked is acceptable if you have a large and secluded back garden where nobody can see you, but it is not such a good idea to try this on the local beach or attempt to use the local football field as temporary hallowed ground.

Modern day ministers. Priests/Priestesses and officiators of ceremonies are drawn from all walks of life, ranging from attorneys (lawyers/solicitors) to retail shop assistants, and the like. Whatever their profession may be, ceremonies offer a personal appeal and validity to many.

Course Content:

Learn how to perform rites and ceremonies: Divorce Ceremony, Rites of passage for boys and girls aged 16

Rites of passage for motherhood & fatherhood, Blessing & Protection Ceremony for newborn/young baby/ young child.

Extra bonuses: Videos: Quinceanera, Ceremony with the Q’ero Indians, Mayan Ceremony, Girl’s Rite of Passage,
Native American wedding ceremony E-Book: Book of Ceremonies

Upon completion of this course, you will know: 

 The structure of rites and ceremonies
 Rites of passage as performed by many cultures
 How to perform various ceremonies

Bonus: Become an Ordained Metaphysical Minister through the Church of Universal Awakening, Inc.


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