Ancient Healing Symbols for Body, Mind and Soul



Ancient Healing Symbols are profoundly sacred and will speak to your Soul – it is such an honor to share them with you. I have trained in many different modalities from cultures around the world and I have practiced and taught many workshops. I am at a point in my life where I want to share all that I have been taught and in doing so, enrich the lives of those that I come into contact with and that they in turn either use these teachings for themselves or share them with their clients.

During this interactive course, you will be introduced to the Ancient Healing Symbols, learn their meanings and how to draw them as well as how to use them in healing. You will also be introduced to the caretakers of these Ancient Healing Symbols, the Ascended Masters. You will learn how by invoking the healing energies and using the symbols, to clear karma, release vows and contracts, clear psychic attack, genetic clearing, clearing imprints, healing imprints, reclaiming lost aspects and reconnection with your Higher Self, to name just a few.




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