Symbols of Transformation: Healing Your Body, Mind, and Soul with Ancient Wisdom



Ancient Healing Symbols are profoundly sacred and will speak to your Soul – it is such an honor to share them with you. I have trained in many different modalities from cultures around the world and I have practiced and taught many workshops. I am at a point in my life where I want to share all that I have been taught and in doing so, enrich the lives of those that I come into contact with and that they in turn either use these teachings for themselves or share them with their clients.

During this interactive course, you will be introduced to the Ancient Healing Symbols, learn their meanings and how to draw them as well as how to use them in healing. You will also be introduced to the caretakers of these Ancient Healing Symbols, the Ascended Masters. You will learn how by invoking the healing energies and using the symbols, to clear karma, release vows and contracts, clear psychic attack, genetic clearing, clearing imprints, healing imprints, reclaiming lost aspects and reconnection with your Higher Self, to name just a few.


Module 1
Module 2

Introduction to the Ascended Masters Kwan Yin
John the Beloved Djwal Khul
Lord Lanto
Paul the Venetian Serapis Bey Mother Mary Lady Nada
El Morya Hilarion
Saint Germain Kuthumi Sanat Kumara
Meditation: Ascended Masters

Module 3
The Ancient Healing Symbols Integrity
Module 4
Subtle Energies
Will you be able to heal after this course? Setting your Intention and Getting Started The Aura
Function of the Aura
Strengthening and protecting the Aura 7 Chakra system
Psychological function Reasons for blockages Emotional Reponses Physical Effects
Areas Affected Underactive Dysfunction
Exercises for aligning and balancing the Aura and Chakras Closing down the Chakras
Protecting yourself from Negative Energies Meditation: All 7 Chakras Healing Chants
Module 5

Creating a Healing Space
How to Create a Healing Space in your Home How to create a House Altar
Video: How to create a sacred sanctuary (altar) at your home

Module 6
The Healing Session
Preparing your Mind for Healing
The healer’s toolkit The Healing Session Scanning the Field Sweeping
Other uses for sweeping Energy Pump Magnetizing
Channeling the Healing Energies Meditation: Deep Healing Music
Module 7
Healing with the Symbols
Exercise: Call in the Ascended Master of your Choice when doing the Prayer
Exercise: Practice distant healing on a photograph of your family or friends
Use the Meditation Symbol as you listen to a meditation and feel the heightened results
Exercise: Use the Manifesting Symbol to bring a dream to fruition Exercise: Using the Color Healing Symbol
Activate your Healer Green Tara
Module 8
Elements of a Healing Session Imprints and the Energy Body
Thought Forms, Mind Sets & Energy Blocks Suppressed Emotions
Vows & Soul Contracts Genetic Clearing Reconnecting
Clearing your Mind of Negative Thoughts and Imprints Healing the Ancestral Line
Karma Releasing
Module 9
The Silver Ray and Planetary Healing Symbols Background
Invoking the Silver Ray and Planetary Healing
Module 10
Planetary Healing Meditation
Module 11
The Seven Laws of Success
Module 12
Overcoming Fear Based Programming
Module 13

A Template for Creating your Reality

Higher Self Journey Activation
The Higher Self Journey Activation Program has seven activations to aid you in communicating with your Higher Self.
This activation creates and etheric shield of Divine and holy protection which acts as an energy that envelopes you and blocks out intrusive vibrations or malicious, negative, lower vibrations from other sources. It will shield you from unwanted interference or distraction of any lower nature during your connection to your Higher Self.
The purpose of this activation is to clear any blockages or barriers that keep you from communicating with your Higher Self and accessing its wisdom. This could be negative energy, doubts, skeptical dispositions, lack of understanding, inability to accept higher possibilities, distractions, emotions, thoughts, feelings, false beliefs, etc. The activation will restore balance to all areas of the physical, emotional spiritual, etheric and mental bodies. As a result of the clearing you will find it more natural to recognize, accept and acknowledge your Higher Self. It will bring a greater scope of understanding and help you to leave the lower mind. Within your etheric body there is etheric energy that can be toxic to you on a physical level. This could affect your physical body in a negative way so it is very important to release these negative energies from your etheric body. The clearing activation will aid you in doing this.
This activation will keep you in your body, conscious of your surroundings, present, and available for whatever happens. It will create an energetic connection of your body in physical reality and serve to keep your body and energy system safe while meditating and in conscious contact with your Higher Self. It will empower your process of Higher Self communication by
aligning you as spirit with your physical body so that you are present and can attend to what needs to be done. Additionally, the activation will release any unwanted, excess energy, help you direct your energy, enhance meditation, assist you in being more aware of your path, and enable you to have a greater capacity for experiencing the wonders of the Higher Self.
The purpose of this activation is to help you to receive guidance from the Higher Self in meditation. It will enable you to develop a routine of connecting with your Higher Self and help to discipline you to consistently seek communication and wisdom from your Higher Self.
The purpose of this activation is to help you hear the still, small voice of your Higher Self within you. It will free you from all thoughts and/or energies that keep you from hearing your inner voice, which is the voice of your Higher Self. It will free you from all thoughts and energies that keep you from hearing the guidance of your Higher Self. It will also help you to establish a deeper connection to the Ascended Masters who will help you in connecting to your Higher Self when you call on it for assistance.
This activation will enable you to communicate with your Higher Self through any means that you find beneficial to you, whether it be through your dream state, automatic writing, meditation, channeling, etc. It will empower you to gain needed insights and information through whatever means of Higher Self communication you choose.

This activation will enable you to release less than loving thoughts about yourself and others, negative self-images, self-criticism, or any thoughts that you are a failure. It will remove any lack of belief in yourself and your ability to establish a connection to your Higher Self. It will open your heart to the unconditional love of the Higher Self so that you can see the truth of what you are, beyond what you see, hear, and believe so that you can have a personal experience with your true nature. It will enable you to incorporate higher perceptions and beliefs about your true Divine identity.

The Ascended Masters
Everyone can call upon the Ascended Masters at any time. But by having these Ascended Masters attunements, it will bring the energies of the Master much closer to you. Allowing them to better work in your etheric energy background.

You will be attuned to the following Ascended Masters:

Master Kuthumi
Who helps with, centering, devotion, focus and relaxation.

Master Moses
Who helps with, living in the now, clear communication, trustfulness and leadership qualities.

Master Buddha
Helps with, peace, joy, spiritual growth and understanding

Master Sanat Kumara
Helps with, protection, clearing from low energies, healing work, ascension

Master Jesus
Helps with, divine guidance and instruction, forgiveness, healing, manifestation

Goddess Abundantia
Helps with abundance in all areas

Master Maitreya
Helps with joy, peace and compassion

Goddess Mary
Helps with parenting, children and nurturing

Goddess Quan Yin
Helps with compassion, kindliness and mercy

Master Merlin
Helps with alchemy, crystals, phsyic abilities, healing and wisdom

Master Saint Germain
Helps with protection, clearing, healing, inspiration and braveness

Maser Padre Pio
Helps with healing, forgiveness, spiritual growth and clairvoyance

Master Serapis Bey
Helps with personal and global peace, ascension, overcoming issues and artistic and creative projects.


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