Angel Light Code Healing Reiki – Advanced Angelic Healing & Personal Ascension



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Angel LightCode Healing Reiki is not the same as Angel Reiki founded by Kevin Core. Although there are some similarities in the name and the connections with Archangel Metatron, this is where the similarities end. Angel LightCode Healing Reiki is a stand alone system of advanced angelic healing and spiritual progression. 

Angel LightCode Healing Reiki was channeled in 2020 by Jay Burrell.

Angel LightCode Healing Reiki has four attunements:

1st Degree – Practitioner

2nd Degree – Advanced Practitioner

3rd & 4th Degree – Inner Master

5th Degree – Master/Teacher

The vibrations of the angels are all around us working within our etheric background as spiritual emissaries from the divine creator. The angels work with us by doing the bidding of the godhead and celestial hierarchy here on earth. They are the way that we can communicate and connect with the everlasting power of the godhead and all beings of celestial light. Angels are not specific to any particular religion but they do have a divine purpose and divine presence here on earth. Angels are usually invisible but this doesn’t mean that you cannot see them…… yet. It is quite often believed that spiritually advanced individuals can see the angels and this is true to some degree but if you work on your spiritual evolution, through many practices available such as attunements, prayer and meditation, you will begin a process of expanding your consciousness so that you can begin to commune and see the angels around you. Channeling is another process by which psychic insights, messages, knowledge and sacred information is brought forth to us by spiritual beings like the angels, ascended masters and the divine consciousness {God}. In recent years, the angels have been making themselves known in a powerful way. For years the spiritual community had all but forgotten about them, focusing on other areas such as psychic protection, attachment removal, psychic attacks, spiritual abundance, the ascended masters and fairy energies but they forgot that the angels can also help with these situations. There is a spiritual trajectory to spiritual knowledge and as we evolve our thoughts and our understanding, greater and deeper insights will begin to make themselves known to us. It is thought that as humanity spiritually evolves, the knowledge of the angels will become available to us. One of the Archangels who is making himself known at this time is Archangel Metatron. Archangel Metatron is one of the angels that you will connect with within this brand new healing system. He is part of the choir of archangels and is placed above all regular angels. There are seven other archangels and numerous archangels in total which I will speak more about later on in the manual. Over time, the principles of Angel LightCode Healing Reiki and the messages have changed as more people sought to understand the powerful process of welcoming the angels into their lives in a new and exciting way.


Angelic LightCode Healing Reiki is a system of spiritual development and advanced awareness that anyone can learn. It is a system where you will work closely with your clients using healing methods and the highest energies from the angelic realms. This brings bout healing and creates spiritual balance for all who receive it. Within Angel LightCode Healing Reiki there is a healer and then and the client/recipient. The healer is the channel for the angelic energies in the same way that healers channel traditional Usui Reiki. Angel LightCode Healing Reiki draws on the traditions of Usui Reiki and Shamballa. By combining these vibrations with the powerful transmissions of the angels you will receive a permanent and life changing initiation to the realms of the angels and ascended masters. Angel LightCode Healing Reiki has been designed via an open ended spectrum meaning that as you progress through the 4 distant attunements and move forward with the angelic healing your own personal frequencies will increase to support what you need at any given time. The blessings of this open ended energy is that you will always be able to receive what you need and you won’t be restricted by what the programmed attunements will bring to you. A lot of attunements tell you what you should receive and while this is true to some degree, you are also encouraged to work with the energies in such a way that your abilities to channel the angel healing energies and meditate with the LightCodes and Angelic symbols this will open new ways for you to access the angels to progress on your spiritual and life’s path. With the open ended frequencies of the Angel LightCode Healing Reiki energies, there is potential for new streams of energy to make themselves known to you. This is something that I teach to all students when they receive one of my own channeled attunements. I want you to play with the energies and use them in ways that are not mentioned in this manual. Only then, will you be able to find out how they will work for you. You will also get the most out of them when you work with them in this way.

You will learn about the following and much more: 

* Indications that Angel LightCode Healing Reiki is for You.

* The Degree’s within Angel LightCode Healing Reiki.

* An overview of the Angels

* What is the Hierarchy of Angels and how is it Established?

* Angels within the Worlds Religions.

* Angelic Spheres.

* Guardian Angels and Angel Meditation.

* 14 Angelic Connections.

* Metatron’s Cube and Guided Meditation.

* Angel Alters and How to Create One.

* Candle Magic and Angel Rituals.

* Crystals as Angelic Beings.

* Your Soul’s Divine Blueprint.

* Your Higher Self.

* What is the Ego.

* Top Crystals That Promote A Strong Connection With Angels and Angel Healing Reiki.

* Angel Prayer Crystals.

* Angelic LightCodes.

* Angelic Number Sequences.

* Angelic Orbs.

* Creating Angel Essences.

* The Chakras, Meridians & Auric Field.

* Distant Healing with Angel LightCode Healing Reiki.

* In Person Healing with Angel LightCode Healing Reiki.

* The Reiki Symbols within Angel LightCode Healing Reiki.

* Angel LightCode Healing Reiki Symbols & Sacred Heart of the Angels Symbol.

* How to Work with the Angel LightCode Healing Reiki Energies.

Registered Teachers Page – Click Here

All teachers and students must be registered in order to pass on these energies to others as well as for personal use. This is so I can send you revised and updated manuals as well as extra informational manuals if they are written in the future. If you receive this attunement from someone who is not registered on the following page, you will not be authorized to use or share these energies. If your teachers name is now on the following page, please contact me straight away at with your teachers name and the manual you were given.

With your purchase you will receive:

* Digital Download of the Manual {183 Pages}.

* Your Distant Attunements {4 in total} will be sent to you after you have read through the Manual/Manuals and have asked any questions that you may have.


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