Sirius Light Super Initiation




Sirius Light Super Initiation is a high spiritual initiation. Feel alive with Spirit. Break free from personal and collective patterns and beliefs. Feel your cells vibrate with the love of the cosmos. Open chakras to the cosmic flow.

Cellular Seals Activation included at this Initiation : The activation of these seals implies also the activation of Karmic processes for many of the sleeping egos / personalities. With the addition of suffering coming from other sources such as the ancestral line, the individual may easily create an aura of resistance and dissonance which may, in their turn, give birth to obsessions, vices, addictions, and warped psyche.  It is of great importance to be aware of these factors when traveling the spiritual path, so we acquire an understanding of the many factors that can be at play at any given time in one’s life.  Through the light of this rationale, one is invited to revisit the concept of immediate and summary judgment of another’s path and virtual limitations. Everyone here is striving their best to attain freedom from duality. We will never know for sure what is happening in the secret realms of another human being. The same level of care and awareness should be observed by parents as co-creators of their children’s reality.


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