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Ascended Master Connection Link – Hari Winarso Founder The Ascended Masters are Divine Beings who have usually had lives on Earth at some period in time and therefore understand your Life problems. They are able to travel easily through the different Upper Levels, as they are composed of pure energy.

The Masters may appear to you psychically, mentally or physically as Angels, Human Beings or balls of golden light. They emanate unconditional love and warmth and are never judgmental, commanding or demanding. The Ascended Masters will descend from the Higher levels and appear to you, in order to guide, give Higher knowledge and comfort you. They do not impose their will on you. They are happy to come to you when asked, to help you in all aspects of your life.

At The Ascended Masters Connection Link, you will learn how to connect with the Ascended Masters , that is :

    * Pallas Athena

    * Lady Nada

    * Lady Master Lotus

    * Lord Ling

    * Lady Master Leto

    * Allah Gobi

    * El Morya Khan

    * Hilarion

    * Master Rakoczy


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