Infinite Oneness Reiki




Infinite Oneness is a high, powerful energy frequency from Source that connects you to Source and all that is. PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU HAVE PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE OF ENERGY WORK BEFORE RECEIVING THIS ATTUNEMENT.

The energies of this system connect you not only to the purest source energies where they come from but to all things. Source energy is in every vibrational being and we are all connected because we are from Source. Being able to connect to Source energy and all that is has amazing applications for healing, both yourself and others. When we immerse ourselves in the knowledge that we are all one, healing can begin on so many levels.

The golden energies of this system light your path, showing you the way, without obstacles or energy blocks, just bright, light pathways. The universe has unlimited energy that is us and everything and all around us. We can tap into this energy at any time-this is the energy of Infinite Oneness.

Uses of Infinite Oneness
-to bring calm and peace
-to relieve feelings of disconnection
-to feel secure
-reduce feelings of anxiety and overwhelm
-build inner strength and courage
-be present, live in the moment
-to find and follow your true path
-to experience complete oneness with all that is


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