Elemental Spirit Whisperer Genetic Code Expansion & Awakening




By Mariah Windsong.

Pre-requisite: Usui or Seichim Master

Awakens the genetics that allow your physical body to interface and make changes in the structural reality of matter here in this reality. Whisperer refers to speaking a secret in private between two self aware beings. Education about working with the sentient awareness within elements.

The term, “whisperer” has gain popularity as one making conscious contact with another in a private manner. This is to say that communication is occurring and that others in the vicinity are not aware of. Only the “whisperer” and his subject know what has been communicated.

Here are some of the benefits you may receive when using this system:

Allow for the possibility that elements think and can communicate. Begin to perceive the presence of the elemental spirits Gain an alliance with various elements. Gain the security of having the elements’ assistance in case of emergency. Learn about each elemental spirit’s abilities and when to ask for their help. Notice that the elements can call on others of their kind to arrive. Recognize the co-creative force elements can bring to bear on any co-creative endeavor or for conflict resolution. Confidence that the elemental spirits will assist you in any natural disaster. Begin to notice the co-operation of elemental spirits in your every day life. Additional benefits included:

Moisture increases in the land to stave off forest fires from reaching homes. Clouds form and rain happens to save crops from withering. Tensile strength of a wooden plank increases when a child walks on an old bridge across a stream or ravine. Any physical form can become more effective and efficient when you have an alliance with the elemental spirits which comprise its form and call upon them for assistance.Batteries can last longer in an emergency situation if you call upon the elemental spirits of the battery’s interior.These are just of a few of the ways that whispering to the elemental spirits can help you and others you call upon them for co-operation.

The first level of this system is to be activated frequently so that additional genetic codes that are ready to awaken shall.  This level helps everyone awaken their genetic codes so that they can more fully interact with and gain the alliance of the elements we live around every day.

The second level of this system is to be activated anytime you like a better line of communication or cooperation with the elements.  If you are skilled at Shamanic Journeying or meditation you may use in conjunction… the purpose is to establish a meet and greet forging a bridge of familiarity.


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