Incorporating Edible Flowers into Your cooking



Did you ever eat nasturtiums as a child? What about rose petals?

Edible flowers have been used throughout the centuries for medicinal and culinary purposes. It has become very popular in culinary kitchens all over the world today to add flowers, both for color and eye appeal on plates as well as for flavor, ranging from bitter to peppery and aromatically sweet tastes. Not only are they pretty, edible flowers are also loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.

Edible flowers are cropping up everywhere these days, from restaurant plates to cupcakes, and it is easy to see why. They are a simple, elegant way of bringing colour to any dish and nothing says ‘fancy’ like a few petals strewn throughout a salad or a blossom-bedecked dessert.

Yet edible flowers are so much more than a garnish. They are delicious as well as beautiful, offering unique flavors and aromas that makes them much more than window dressing.

Eating flowers is one of the true pleasures in life, providing sustenance to our senses and renewing our joy in food.

You don’t need a special degree to use florals in the kitchen – especially when that added touch can take your dish to the next level. If you are predisposed to thinking that flowers taste like dirt, you will be surprised to learn there are varieties that can be transformative in salads, soups, cocktails and even desserts.

Module 1



Module 2

Flowers through the ages

Free book: The Queen-like Closet, with all manner of rare recipes – 1672


Module 3

Edible flowers list

Rules for use of edible flowers

Preparing flowers for the dinner table

Health benefits of edible flowers

Video:       Edible flowers


Module 4

Inedible flowers and precautions


Module 5

Gathering and cleaning

Parts of a flower

Cleaning edible flowers

For fresh use


Module 6

Drying, storing and preserving

Select edible flowers that will dry well

How to dry if you don’t have a commercial dehydrator

Drying flowers in an oven

Drying flowers in a microwave

Candied flowers

Flower vinegar

Flower honey

Flower sugar


Video:       Candied flowers


Module 7

Scented Geraniums

Edible parts

Plant identification

Health benefits

Different types of Scented Geranium

Culinary uses

Geranium and lemon cream cheese

Citrus scented Geranium cookies

Fun facts about Geraniums

Video:       Scented Rose Geranium Martini


Module 8


Edible parts

Plant identification

Health benefits

Culinary uses

Strawberry-Begonia salad

Begonia tartlet

Begonia spread

Fun facts about Begonia


Module 9


Edible parts

Plant identification

Health benefits

Harvesting and storing

How do you know when to harvest the calyx?

How to separate

Save the seeds

Culinary uses


Hibiscus pancakes

Hibiscus cooldrink

Hibiscus jelly

Pink Hibiscus rice

Cranberry Hibiscus sauce

Video:       Hibiscus tacos

Hibiscus curry

Module 10

Edible parts

Plant identification

Health benefits

Harvesting and storage

Culinary uses

Nasturtium cheese spread

Nasturtium zinger spread

Nasturtium flower-infused vinegar

Sausage and peppers with Nasturtium

Nasturtium cheese dip

Tomato and Nasturtium salad

Stuffed Nasturtium flowers

Nasturtium pesto

Conversion tools

Video:       How to pickle Nasturtium seeds


Module 11


Edible parts

Plant identification

Health benefits

Rose hips

Edible uses for Rose hips

How to harvest Rose hips

Culinary uses of Roses

Rose strawberry jam

Rose and Lavender fairytale tea

Rose petal cream jelly

Rose punch

Frozen Roses for punch party

Rose salt

Rose petal sugar

Rose hip chutney

Lavender and Rose simple syrup

Video:       Rose petal jam


Module 12


Edible parts

Plant identification

Health benefits

Culinary uses of Lavender

Cajun potatoes with Lavender

Lavender biscuits

Lavender cheese squares

Lavender sugar

Frosted Lavender sticks

Honey baked feta with Lavender thyme and rye crisps

Honey Lavender Pots de crème

Video:       5 Ways to cook with Lavender


Module 13


Edible parts

Plant identification

Health benefits

Fun facts about pansies

Culinary uses of Pansies/Violets

Chocolate and violet cheesecake

Violet mint salad

Creamy Violet dressing

Violet flower syrup

Strawberry and Pansy tarts

Purple Kale and Pansy salad

Pansy lollipops

Video:       Pansies – harvesting, health benefits and uses


Module 14


Edible parts

Plant identification

Health benefits

Culinary uses of Carnations

Carnation pickle


Module 15

Banana Blossoms

Edible parts

Plant identification

Health benefits






Where to find Banana Blossoms

Banana Blossom paella

Banana Blossom kari-kari

Banana Blossom and mushroom sauce

Banana Blossom salad

Video:       Banana Blossom curry


Module 16

Squash Blossoms

Edible parts

Plant identification

Health benefits

Culinary uses of Squash Blossoms

Pumpkin flower soup

Stuffed Squash Blossom salad

Baked Pumpkin with stuffed Pumpkin flowers

Squash Blossom pasta butter

Fried Squash Blossoms stuffed with cheese

Video:       Fried Squash Blossoms stuffed with Ricotta cheese


Module 17

Chive Blossoms

Edible parts

Plant identification

Health benefits

Culinary uses of Chive Blossoms

Scrambled eggs

Potato salad

Sautéed asparagus with Chive Blossoms

Goat cheese and Chive Blossom omelet

Angel hair pasta with Chive Blossom cream sauce

Sautéed chicken cutlets with Chive Blossoms

Chive Blossom butter

Chive Blossom vinegar

Chive Blossom Vinaigrette

Videos:      Chive Blossom vinegar

Caramelized Chive Blossoms


Module 18

Flower syrups

Carnation petal syrup

Rose petal syrup

Violet or pansy syrup

Video:       Violet Flower syrup


Module 19

Flower drinks

Lavender lemonade

Lavender Gin

Hibiscus Tea Latte

Nasturtium Bloody Mary

Rose Petal Almond milk

Nasturtium Blood Mary

Lavender Lemonade with Hibiscus

Hibiscus Sangria

Begonia, Orange and Vodka cocktail

Rose-scented Geranium Iced Vodka

Rose liqueur

Red Hibiscus cooldrink


Module 20

Where to source edible flowers


Module 21

Growing edible flowers

Video:       Edible flowers you can grow

Edible flowers companion planting


Extras:     The Book of Fruits & Flowers – 1653

The Art of Confectionary – 1761



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