Embracing the Present: Mastering the Art of Living in the Moment



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If you want to live an amazing life A truly abundant, happy life

Make it a priority to LIVE more in the PRESENT MOMENT.

You don’t need fancy cars, you don’t need millions of dollars. You

don’t need THINGS.

All you need is within you now.

All you need is this very moment, right NOW. This precious PRESENT MOMENT

To be aware of all the miracles that are around you and indeed a PART of you, right now.

All unhappiness is formed when we take our being away from the present moment.

Stress, disappointment and anger when we think about events of our PAST that we have no control over right now.

Anxiety or worry when we think about the FUTURE, also of which we have no control over right now.

Most of us seem to be always searching for someplace else, some better moment in the future.

But that moment never comes.

Because when that moment comes, we want more. When we just stop and appreciate everything in this moment.

Everything most take for granted. Like the LIFE in our bodies. Like the ENERGY inside us.

Like the MIRACLE of human life. Like the MIRACLE of creation.

The wonder of this universe.

The wonder of you being able to communicate to all the parts of

your body without speaking a word.

The wonder of our senses.

The sun, the rain, the air you breathe in right now.

When we can truly grasp this powerful PRESENT MOMENT There are no problems

There are only miracles.

Many think being lost in the present moment might eliminate any chance of growth or success in their life. However, the opposite is true.

When everything you DO is infused with your presence, everything you DO is done with more quality, with more connection, with more love.

And when you are more connected with everything you do, there is greater success on all levels.

The success all of us seek is really just the FEELING we believe we will get in achieving it.

So the SUCCESS itself is really a feeling.

And any feeling, even the highest elation can be achieved RIGHT NOW when your attention, when your APPRECIATION is 100% focused on this perfect present moment.

When we stop seeking an end point, and instead make each moment an end in itself.

When we can appreciate the journey so much that a destination is not needed.

The journey is the new destination. The new miracle.

That is what life is really all about. Making the most out of each moment

Appreciating the wonder and miracles in each moment.

You need nothing materially speaking You are complete

As you are Right now.

~ Anonymous ~


When was the last time you looked back on your nearly spent day and thought, “How did it get to be night, already?”

You got up before the sun did and you got things done. You checked off everything (or most things) on your to-do list.

But now you are thinking that if this disappearing day were your last, you could have made it more memorable – and more meaningful – if you had focused on living in the moment and being present for at least five minutes of it.

As it happens, you vaguely remember eating something while trying to get all your work done. And after calling your children’s names in a panic, you realize you did remember to pick everyone up from school, work, etc. and get them home 😊.

But the day was a blur, much like the one before it. One blurry day follows another because this has become your normal.

You have distant memories of savoring delicious food, one mouthful at a time and taking long, slow walks to enjoy and be restored by nature. You want to get back to that. You want to enjoy life and to stop worrying about the future and ruminating on the past.

The solution: live in the moment. But what does that even mean?

Seizing each moment in life allows us to prolong its value and make it more meaningful. Rather than seeking quantity of time, when we live in the moment, we enjoy and savor every minute. We don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

To make every moment count we must embrace it. Everything we do and every person we meet deserve our full attention. Even when resting we should savor the moment. It gives us the opportunity to recharge, renew and gain clarity.

My wish for you with this course is that you can start living in the moment, receiving all the blessings and magic that can and do happen when you start living in the moment.


Module 1


Module 2

Living in the moment

Make it more meaningful

Discover its beauty and wonder

Recharge, renew and gain clarity

Come to terms with the past

Audio:       The power of the present

Module 3

Time, the most valuable currency

What is means to not be present

Break the habit of being a victim

Spend time doing things that you love

Spend time with your loved ones

Take in the world around you


Module 4

Live with a grateful heart

Our 20’s

Our 40’s

Our 60’s

Love without limit

Module 5


Expand our awareness

Emotions and past experience influence judgment

Always be open to new information

Benefits of mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness exercises

Mindful breathing

Mindful observation

Mindful awareness

Mindful listening

Mindful immersion

Mindful appreciation

Why mindfulness exercises?

Audio:       Garden mindful meditation

Module 6

Surrendering and allowing

Missing beauty, wonder, joy and miracles

Surrendering and the art of allowing

Spend more time living your passion

Be kind to yourself

Practice gratitude daily

Module 7

Sacred stillness

A pool of infinite wisdom

Audio:       Sacred stillness

Module 8

Confident, courageous and strong

Essential, important and needed

Your birthright

Every quality also exists within us

Audio:       Confident, courageous and strong

Module 9

Pull your wandering mind back to the present

Have a mini interaction with nature


Do something physical

Objectify yourself

Talk to someone


Module 10

Stop chasing life

Why is developing a sense of presence important?

Level of presence

Dull grey to high definition of color

The most precious commodity in this generation

What is getting in the way of your presence?

Pausing more

Elevate the mundane

Module 11

Simplify your life

Ways to simplify your life

Module 12

Zero in on your life’s objective

Objectives, goals and destination

Take a mental inventory

Take a focus inventory

Take a life inventory

What truly matters

Use that eraser

Module 13

Creating memorable days

We pretend we have all the time in the world

What determines the making of an unforgettable day?

Reasons and excuses

Paying it forward

Do it


You want to experience something real

Full presence of body, mind and Spirit

Module 14

The art of living well

Make your life an expression of who you are

How to make your life a work of art

Express yourself

Open, accepting and appreciative mindset

Be who you are

Solid personal foundation

Being open to new experiences

Module 15

What matters the most

Trusting energy more than words

Show up for the little things

To be present

Everything is in Divine order

Module 16

Slow down

See life through a different lens

Don’t ever put off taking that first step

Module 17

Rules for living

Follow the three R’s

Open your arms to change


Share your knowledge

Be gentle with the earth

Module 18

Things to look forward to

Relieve stress, anxiety and worry

Module 19

Conscious breathing

Path to inner peace and happiness

How to sustain greater periods of happiness

How to do conscious breathing

How often should I do it?

Benefits of conscious breathing

Audio:       Deep breathing meditation

Module 20

Your new gift

Contrasts that make life vibrant and colorful

You are given a choice

Erase the sabotaging voices of the past

Module 21

Lessons learned from this pandemic

Change in our priorities

The power of stillness

Friends and family

Nature continues to thrive

Material goods

Our health


What will be the outcome of all of this?

Module 22

Live life with no regrets

Ideas on how to live life with no regrets

Set your non-negotiables

Unplug and fuel your Soul

Learn from others

Final thoughts


Once you have received the attunements you are able to pass them on to others and charge for them

Star Essences (Value $92 / R1 700)


By Hari Winarso

  1. Altair Star Essence
  2. Castor Star Essence
  3. Dubhe Star Essence
  4. Polaris Star Essence
  5. Rastaban Star Essence
  6. Scorpius Star Essence
  7. Sirius Star Essence
  8. Vega Star Essence

ALTAIR STAR ESSENCE – Star of Righteousness

The star of righteousness brings the energy of the divine word & law. This essence can be used for f washing away the mud of accumulated wrong doings. Hard hitting but fair, this essence forms the Divine light of correct and righteous action. It is beneficial for those who are incensed by a sense of injustice, those who feel they must set the world straight and bring everything into order. Assists to bring a sense of correcting what can be corrected and not being bothered by the rest.

CASTOR STAR ESSENCE – Star of Tranquility 

The star of  tranquility essence provides you a quiet place in amongst the noise. When life is too hectic & your mind rushes, this essence will make room for the tranquil to be. The Castor Star Essence assists with meditation and the times where there is need for reflection in life. If you have been blundering your way through things and making errors of judgement along the way. Castor will assist to provide a quiet place in your mind where you can gather your thoughts and take stock of what is occurring in your life and then create beneficial changes.

DUBHE STAR ESSENCE – Star of Clear Sight 

The star of clear sight removes the obstacles of illusion to allow the perception of truth. This essence clears mental confusion and wipes away the fog of deception. Beneficial for those who are working with or developing the abilities of clairvoyance. Also for those who seem to walk into disruptive situations. Those who say “I never even saw it coming” to produce the ability to discern what energies are around them and what is about to take place. Good for travelers or those who get themselves into abusive situation.

POLARIS STAR ESSENCE – Star of Centered Purpose

The star of centered purpose. Polaris Star Essence directs energy to find its center. When your energy is scattered, this essence pulls you back to your true nature. Polaris Star Essence provides an escape from the harsh realities of the material world. If your life has become hardened through material consciousness or there never seems to be any time for you to simply be. Polaris Star Essence will assist you to reconnect to your true purpose and your own beautiful gentle spirit amidst the chaos. Serenity, gentleness, brings back a sense of connection & a flow into life. When you are connected to your true purpose you have this ability to flow with life. It is only when you are off your life path that things become stuck and very difficult. This essence brings a sense of continuity and meaning.


The star of ‘War & Retribution’ removes the false heart and slays the foolish seeds of greed. Oversees justice and guides the payment of karma. Beneficial for those who have a tendency to get “pushed around by others”. For those who have difficulties in saying “no” to others. If you have become too caught up in the material world and the need to “possess everything”, Rastaban will bring back a sense of balance and harmony. Rastaban may produce an uncomfortable sensation (especially if you have not been acting in the best interests of all) as it is effectively rearranging your energy stores and putting things back into a sense of “right order”. Beneficial for those who are too “full on” to soften and soothe, those who feel the need to convert everyone they meet to agree with their own set of ideas and ideals. Assists to allow people to be who they are.

SCORPIUS STAR ESSENCE – The Star of Movement

Scorpius Star Essence Brings movement to frozen and stuck situations. It promotes strength and assists to push through barriers. Brings balance to over and under exertions of will and governs over the correct use of power. Beneficial for “stubborn” people to soften attitudes and also for those who are afraid to stand up and/or speak up for what they believe in. This essence brings balanced communication and good strength of ideas, thoughts and speech.

SIRIUS STAR ESSENCE – The Star of Knowing

Sirius is the Star of ‘Knowing’ will unfold the inner and outer acquisition of knowledge. This essence attracts the knowledge of others and guides you to the correct knowledge for your inner transformation. A perfect choice for those involved with spiritual development and/or communication with spirit guides. Excellent for those who are studying and/or taking tests. For those embarking on a new journey of learning, Sirius assists to bring new knowledge together in a working order. Physical: Assists the relief from Nausea & feeling ‘off’ colour. Balances the shock from bleeding and assists to stem it. May quell the need for excess talking by calming the mental realms. Assists with direction in life and support, showing through as knees concerns.

VEGA STAR ESSENCE – The Star of the Divine 

The star of the Divine.  Vega Stare cleans away evil & opens the doors to Spiritual counsel. Vega Star Essence is a strong remover of negativity and blockages to Divine Light.  Vega Star brings a sense of spiritual ecstasy, connection and harmony. Opens the heart to give and receive love in the highest possible manner. May bring a sense of bliss when used, especially in the heart. As such it is an excellent tool for those working with Tantric energies and also for those working / living in a realm where a high sense of spiritual love is required such as counselors, teachers, care givers etc.


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