Rays of Opportunity & Abundance Package


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Rays of Opportunities and Abundance – Create good opportunities and attract customers

If each attunement is purchased separately this package comes to in excess of £600

Ray of Opportunities and Abundance package is an energy that creates good opportunities in life.  As a result of working with this energy you will be bursting with energies of luck and abundance to help find your true purpose and the courage to pursue it.

These systems  will bring unexpected opportunities and lend you the energetic support and courage necessary to follow your dreams. The energy also creates a sense of balance between physical and spiritual and encourages love and joy. Equally it will encourage the flowering of spiritual growth also bringing in stability and trust and removing jealousy and narrow mindedness.

Helps people attract customers that want your products or service, have the resources to buy and are enjoyable to work with. Success, now and in the future often depends on good customers with whom there is a good relationship and frequent transactions. Good customers are essential for most businesses. You do not have to be a business owner to benefit from this energy system. If you are in a business that sells services or products that is plenty for you to benefit from this system. It does not matter whether you are in direct contact with customers or not. You can activate the energy to improve the health of the business you are in and the security of your job.

 If you are responsible for gaining and or maintaining customers you will appreciate this system in a more personal way having many good customers is necessary. A good customer is one that you have a good rapport, or relationship with. You enjoy the interactions with this customer.

  1. Angelic Ishim
  2. Bloody Bubble Protection
  3. Business Heal Energy
  4. Business Up Empowerment
  5. Efficiency Empowerment
  6. Energetic Beam Purification
  7. Energetic Blue Bliss
  8. Energetic Personal Ignition Device
  9. Energetic Program Link
  10. Essential Golden Rays
  11. Financial and Economic Energy Boost Reiki
  12. Goals Booster
  13. High Abundance Adhesive Energy
  14. High Attraction Vortex
  15. High Personal Business Booster
  16. High Personal Radiance
  17. Icy Flame Energy
  18. Illumination of Divine Energy for Greater Prosperity and Success
  19. Limitless Brain Radiance
  20. Magic Ray Protection
  21. Mind Energy Blast
  22. Money Ball Energy
  23. Money Fertilizer
  24. Money Magnetic Energetic Device
  25. Money Toad Essence
  26. My Good Customer
  27. Probo Sentosa Energy Empowerment
  28. Prosperity Manifestation
  29. Sale ‘n Buy Ignition
  30. Syn Protection and Dream Fulfilment

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